Dramatic Brooklyn Co-Working Space

The individual elements of this moody co-working space may seem simple at first glance but in every corner of this space is conscious, quality design. This converted foundry comes together in a mashup of mid-century, Scandinavian, and industrial design.

The first thing that strikes you about this space is BLACK AND WHITE. Its like its saying “yeah, I know its a common color scheme but I’m going to take it to the NEXT LEVEL! AWW YISSS!!”

The next tier of texture in this space is the warm natural wood color that makes up the flooring, and super cool caned chairs (you know I love anything caned).

Adagio Armchair

Third most is brass, represented in all of the lighting. The addition of green plants in this space helps to counteract the intensity of the design and add an accent of softness and life.

Black and white, wood, brass, and live plants are the cornerstones of this design which is admittedly a fairly common concept, however in this space it is taken to a whole new level by The New Design Project. Here they took basic elements and married them together with texture, style, light, and scale which set each element at its absolute best.

Company: the New Work Project

Designers: The New Design Project

Architecture: Jam Architecture

Photography: Will Ellis

Contractors: GCNY Builders

Via: Dwell Article

Get The Look:

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Fun Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I think we can all agree, shopping for mom is WAY easier than shopping for…well, anyone else! Moms tend to love comforting little cozy things that usually look pretty cute and always smell amazing. Today’s gift guide is focused on little things that will make your mom feel happy or relaxed, because damn, she deserves it.

$20 and under

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Slippers $17.99 – Slippers are the best. I wear mine probably more than any other shoe I own. Some beautiful slippers can feel so luxurious! Although if you want to hold true with the “always smell amazing” thing, you might want to spring for some socks as well…

Owl Mug $18.00 – What mom doesn’t like things shaped like animals? Maybe pair this with a fancy tea and a pretty ribbon?

Wood Car Diffuser $19.99 – If your mom is one of the 0.0001% of moms who don’t diffuse oils, then just skip this one. But if not – perfect gift!

Abstract Flora Postcards $10.00 – Because moms like…mail? Right?

The Little Book of House Plants $14.99 – I highly suggest pairing this with a small potted plant.

Tea Towels $5.99 – What is it about a clean, crisp towel? It’s one of the most inexplicably luxurious things.

Funny Coloring Book $9.79 – Have you tried adult coloring books? So relaxing! This one made me laugh. Pair with colored pencils, obviously.

Scented Candle $17.99 – The undisputed most calming gift. Plus this jar is super cute…

$40 and under

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Simple Gold Earrings $32.00 – These are great every day earrings that are subtly stylish and go with everything!

Blue Napkin Set $30.00 – Cloth napkins are where its at! I love this shade of blue.

English Usage Chart $30.00 – Raise your hand if your mom has ever corrected your english usage? I thought so… Now raise your hand if anyone who is not a mother has ever corrected your english usage…no hands? huh, shocking.

Leather Wrapped Notebook $29.00 – I will the first to admit that I have a shelf full of blank notebooks that I have received and never used, and yet I always love receiving them! And this one is just so pretty…

Vellabox Candle Subscription $10.00/month – Ahhh! This blows my mind! A new candle every month! This is the perfect gift for any woman in your life…(*hint hint, nudge nudge…)

Yellow Bag $24.99 – Happy yellow tote bag! Happy, happy, happy! Pair with a pretty scarf tied on?

Cotton Blanket $35.99 – Beautiful throw blanket! Classic.

Electric Water Kettle $34.99 – This thing totally changes how I drink hot beverages. I wouldn’t think such a little thing could effect my life so much! Extra points for looking cute. Pair with a pretty mug and some nice tea or coffee, but only if your mom is REALLY awesome…

Denim Apron $24.99 – Aprons help me feel like I know what I’m doing in the kitchen. In fact I think their usefulness has less to do with protecting your clothing from flour and more to do with the mindset that you have while wearing one.

This Mother’s Day, every mom should be curled up with a pretty blanket, wearing pretty slippers, sipping from a pretty mug, with tea that was brewed from a pretty kettle, enjoying a pretty candle (or 4), and writing in a pretty journal, dabbing at the corners of her mouth with a pretty napkin, while wearing…you guessed it: pretty earrings.

Colors Today – Beige

Today we are talking about one of the hottest trends in design today: beige. *cue vintage horror movie scream* I know, I know, for a long time “beige” was synonymous with “vanilla” or “boring” but recently it is being reimagined! This trend has me strangely introspective because it wasn’t that long ago that I ridiculed all beige as bland (at best) and utterly repulsive (at worst). This trend has me confronting my own changeability and the dreaded “trend-follower” tendency. I am currently trying to either own it, or rationalize it away. I’ll keep you updated.

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To be fair, (here comes the rationalizing) the way beige is being incorporated into design today is different from how it used to be. It has come into its “modern iteration”. With every recurring design trend there is always something just slightly tweaked about the way it’s being used or treated that makes it modern.

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In this new version, beige can be on anything! Walls, upholstery, art, furniture, accessories, textiles, cabinets (yes, cabinets), and clothing! Not only can it go on anything, but it can go on multiple things in a room and it doesn’t even have to match! Beige has so many undertones in it that perfectly matching it to any other beige is nearly impossible. The result is a motley combo of different shades and undertones that can be really pleasing when done intentionally.

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But here is the tweak: there are restrictions on how to use the new beige without it leaning too “doctor’s office” and the first of these has to do with those blasted undertones. In general, it goes like this: the good undertones are pink, brown, gray, and purple; the bad undertones fall mostly in the yellow and green camps. We want to live in a modern french chateau, not teacher’s khaki pants.

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The second rule for modern beige is not about the colors in it, but the colors it is being paired with. Firstly, it should always be paired with a true white, which helps highlight all the different yummy shades of beige. Any other tones in the room should be very warm, earthy, and not too loud. Keep it to browns, amber, wood tones, and the occasional pop of black or very dark green.

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A minimalist modern vibe is also important to note. Beige is being heavily used in Scandinavian design which boasts simple, utilitarian shapes that allow the elegance of beige to shine. I think this is why the multiple shades thing works – the simplicity of the surroundings don’t overwhelm the eye and allow you to notice the intentionality of all the different shades.

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In fashion beige is being used in quality, simple pieces that follow the same rules as interiors. Pair with a true white and earthy colors, low pattern, simple shapes, with pink, brown, gray, and purple undertones. Casual and comfortable, soft and elegant.

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So! To sum up: Beige is back, but the shade has changed, the colors it is paired with have changed, and the style it is primarily used in has changed. Here are some absolutely stunning design-forward products in beige:

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One Year Anniversary and Giveaway!

Today marks the one year anniversary of The Fig Design’s launch! Woo Hoo!! To celebrate I am putting on a giveaway of a free E-Design plan for any room in your house! Head to my instagram post to enter and hit up the E-Design Services page to learn what you’re getting! The winner will be announced on January 19th at 12am EST.

After literally years of planning, and thinking, and learning, I finally got up the courage in 2018 to start this blog. I am so glad I stopped being afraid of failing, and started failing! I could write a whole post about all the stuff I got wrong (and for that reason I have rewritten this post 3-4 times!) But there will never be a shortage of excuses in my life so I am going to instead focus on my goals for 2019!


Now is NOT the time for me to slow down. Last year was about taking things one at a time, and not being too hard on myself because everything didn’t need to be perfect right away, yada-yada-yada. I still think that was an important goal to have for the first year and I might not have even started without it, but I accomplished it a little too well. My natural inclination is to take on way too much right away, not thinking about the personal costs, then get overwhelmed with the responsibility and shut down, so in 2018 I was intentionally noncommittal. This did result in the desired peace about my career, but it also resulted in a lack of forward momentum, lack of structure, lack of consistency, and perhaps most destructively, a severe lack of creative energy.

So with that in mind, my goals for 2019 are to:

  • Find ways to increase creative energy
  • Be more structured
  • Find a consistent design aesthetic
  • Consume more content from people I admire

The first of these goals is definitely the main one, and all of the following are secondary ways to aid the first goal.


Creative Bankruptcy

Honesty time: 2018 finished really low in the creative energy department. Post writing feels like a chore and all my ideas seem one dimensional. Its bad. You know this quote by Stephen King “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”? well I love that quote and really believe in it, however if you never feel inspired it can be really hard to stay motivated long term and enjoy what you’re doing. I believe that inspiration isn’t something that just happens to you randomly, but rather it is something that you can chase. You can put yourself in danger of being inspired by building a community of other creative people who are feeding off of each others creativity (this is why I think instagram is so cool) In 2019 I want to manufacture situations in which I could get inspired by connecting with other creative people.



Structure means schedules, tasks, timelines, and coffee shops. Always coffee shops. Home has too many dishes, and too much laundry for it to be a realistic place to get anything done. I want to establish a very firm routine for the posting, writing, designing, and management of The Fig Design.



Essentially this means committing to a style. I really, really love a lot of different styles but I am realizing how much I need to stick to one style, get good at it, and be consistent in my brand. So I’m starting to process what I feel instinctively drawn to and the only thing I can tell you for sure it will be moody, warm, and quirky. More on this to come.



Before I started this blog I used to read roughly 3-4 posts a day from other designers and brands. When my life became busy with more “important” work, like getting ahead on that weeks post writing, I stopped reading other blogs almost entirely. I am a firm believer that in order to create good content, you need to consume good content. Its like fuel. I never want to stop learning and become uninformed on current design trends, therefore I need to prioritize consuming the content of people I admire like it is a multivitamin. In 2019 consuming content will be a regular and necessary part of my writing process.


My personal mission statement for 2019 is: To be creatively energized and make blogging a lifestyle. My hope is that structure, and consistency will provide an established framework in which to create, and that consuming the content of talented people will fuel inspiration and a “I can do that!” attitude.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway on my instagram! The winner gets one of these!

Trend Alert: Wood Cabinets

Wood Cabinets are back people! They went out during the “paint everything white” years and then during the “smokey” cabinet year and a half, and now they are coming back into kitchens with a drama all of their own. Observe:

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Wood Cabinets are veering modern AND traditional these days paired with lots of B&W, and open shelving, with a rustic/minimalist vibe. I am loving this trend because wood has so much warmth and texture to it, that it can hold its own in a minimalist setting, and still keep everything cozy.

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I admit freely that I am much more drawn to this contemporary, modern iteration of wooden cabinets, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any wood cabinet hopes for you traditional people, and I actually really really love these: 

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A common element of all of these wood cabinet kitchens is the presence of a heavy dose of B&W as well as a simplicity in all the other elements of the kitchen. The idea here is to let the wood tones be the focal point of the kitchen, without everything feeling super heavy and “decorative”  

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I would do these in my kitchen in a heart beat, which is actually saying a lot because normally I am a lot more cautions about trends, but I think this is one that will stand the test of time and will always feel classic. And if you do it in this neutral, natural tone of wood, it will go with anything! 

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