1 Bedroom 3 Ways

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Today is another installment of 1 Room 3 Ways! This illustrates how you can completely change the feel and style of the room by changing out a few items but keeping the core (expensive stuff) the same! This time we are doing a bedroom. These are the items that are staying the same:

OB-1 Bedroom 3 Ways Original

Bed – This bed is a splurge! Even though the design is simple, the grain of the wood makes it into a focal point.

Chair – This leather chair from BluDot is great for any style.

Side Table – I believe bed side tables should have some storage but because of the visually light nature of the other objects in the room I wanted something grounding. These bullet tables have hidden storage while also being a strong tulip shape.

Pendant – This is from one of my favorite lighting companies of all time. SchoolHouse Electric!

Items that will change are: dresser, art, rug, pillows, and accessories

First up is a Scandinavian style with green accents. I love those floating leaf prints from Industry West. The feel of this room is very cool and organic:

OB-1 Bedroom 3 Ways #2

#1 Rug, Art, Art, Pillow, Pillow, Dresser, Mirror, Candle

Next is our bright, colorful version:

This eclectic version of the room has lots of warm and soft colors with plenty of fun accents. Shout out to David Michael Slonim for that awesome painting!

OB-1 Bedroom 3 Ways #1

#2 Art, Art, Rug, Pillow, Pillow, Pillow, Dresser

Now for the third room: I’ll be honest. I had a lot of trouble coming up with a direction for this one! For some reason nothing felt right, or special enough. But I found this print from Chairish that I LOVE! Its got art deco, glam, and lots of abstract art!

OB-1 Bedroom 3 Ways #3

#3 Planter, Art, ArtDresser, Rug, Tree, PillowCandle

So there you have it! 1 Room 3 Ways. Let me know in the comments which room you would like to see next.

1 Bedroom 3 Ways

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