1 Living Room 3 Ways

Happy Friday!

Remember when we did 1 Nursery 3 Ways? Well today I want to show you how to switch out accessories in a living room to get completely different looks. I want to give you the sense that a completely different person lives in each of these rooms.

The things that are staying the same:

  • Sofa
  • Dresser
  • Rug
  • Coffee table

The variables are:

  • Lighting
  • Art
  • Pillows
  • Chair/s
  • Accessories


OB-1 Living Room 3 Ways Original

Sofa – This is the darkest blue I have ever seen a sofa get and I love it! The tufting is traditional but the lines are mid-century.

Rug – I have been in love with this rug from OKL for a long time. The gray border keeps it interesting but it is still a solid cream backdrop.

Dresser – This metal dresser from Room and Board is not only a staple at a very reasonable price but it adds another texture to the room! Bonus!

Coffee Table – This table is the perfect scale, color, and design. Perfect I tell you, perfect! (although quite the splurge!)


OB-1 Living Room 3 Ways Moody

Making this room sensual and moody was not very difficult. Since we already had a dark sofa and dresser, all you have to do is layer textures in black, dark blue, and gray hues. Some of the textures used here are: concrete, wood, copper, denim, velvet, wool, natural fibers, metal, and marble. If I were to add color or pattern to this room, that combined with all that texture would be completely overwhelming! Shout out to my father-in-law David Michael Slonim for his painting Magic Planet which was the inspiration for the rest of the room!

Olive Tree, David Michael Slonim Painting, Pendant, Candle Holder, Art, Art, Chair, Lamp, Basket, Side Table

Bright and Quirky:

OB-1 Living Room 3 Ways Bright

This room is walking the line between, bright and a little bit too happy. Those sconces alone amp up the happy by a factor of 7. The main thing I wanted to inject into this iteration of the room was quirk. The tiger pillow, gold bust, shopping cheetah print, and the sprawling fiddle leaf fig, all added to that quirky feeling. My other favorite thing in here is that plate I am using as a tray from H&M. Do I sense a mounting trend??

Art, Sconce, Chair, Lamp, Art, Bust, Pillow, Pillow, Plant, Blanket, Basket, Plate,


OB-1 Living Room 3 Ways Global

I choose the last room to be global because it is a very different from the quirky and moody styles of the other rooms. It has a context of its own that is very distinctly recognizable. I took that Aztec rug and hung it on the wall as a tapestry, and the pottery on the dresser is laid out in a simple collection. The styling of this room was fairly easy because you can fill empty space with pottery or plants (or both!)

Tapestry, Pottery, Pendant, Chair, Pouf, Pillow, Plant, Plant, Planter

I had so much fun reimagining this space 3 different times! Please let me know in the comments which is your favorite version!


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  1. I like the moody room style, and next the quirky. The global rocks, too . Love the sofa! In fact, I prefer deep colors on sofas. I’ve had my brick red sofas for almost 10 years and haven’t grown tired of them. Keep up the good work, Katie. Your blog following will continue to grow. You have talent.

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