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1 Nursery 3 Ways

Today I want showcase how—by changing out accessories and keeping core elements the same—you can drastically change the feel of a room, without having to redesign the whole thing! For example, this is useful for refreshing a nursery to invite a second little one without having to spend big bucks to exchange all of the big ticket items, or if you just feel like a change.

In this post I will show you three mood boards of the same room: a neutral, girl, and boy nursery.

The elements that are consistent:

So as you can see a lot is kept the same. Everything else is subject to change. The varying factors are:

  • Artwork
  • Books
  • Accessories
  • Pillows

First off we have the Neutral:

OB-Neutral Nursery 2.jpg


Alphabet Print Pillow Book Book

My favorite part of this room is the Star Wars Alphabet print from Society6. I have to consider that gender-neutral because I LOVE Star Wars. Sorry guys, you don’t get a monopoly. The koala pillow from Target is so good, especially for that price! And of course, an utterly shameless plug for my father-in-law and his books. Fun fact: his book “Oh Ducky!” was one of my favorites growing up before Michael and I were even dating.

Side note: I never understood why people use yellow as a gender-neutral color. To me yellow is more of an accent color. Green, however, the color of trees and plants, is the best gender-neutral I can think of, which is why there is a healthy dose of it here. Not to mention it goes with nearly every color. But thats another post for another time. Next up: The girl’s room.

OB-Baby Girl's Nursery 2.jpg


Art Art Pig Snail

When it comes to girls’ rooms, even many designers I love seem to try too hard. They think that baby girls NEED to have everything be girly or pink. Not true! I like to use girly elements the way you would use a bright accent color. It shines best when it is sprinkled. This room doesn’t hit you in the face with the girliness, while still coming off very feminine. That pig and snail are sooooooo cute! I bet they’re best friends (hey, I’m allowed at least one cutesy thing, right?). Now let’s have a bit of boy, shall we?

OB-Baby Boy's Nursery 2.jpg


Teddy Dog Print Truck Print Book Book

This room feels just “boy” enough without being overly saturated. Little hits of orange and green peppered around, same as the girly elements. That playful puppy sketch gets me every time. If my husband were a piece of art, he would be that puppy sketch.

I have a philosophy about baby rooms. I don’t think babies care if their rooms match their gender. They just want milk and cuddles! He/she is an infant (which this nursery was designed for) and they aren’t going to be looking for Transformers or Doc. McStuffins. Just love. And it’s important to me that a nursery is not only functional and cute, but that it also has some grown-up elements. After all, the parents are going to be spending just as much time in there and will probably care a lot more! Just make sure it is comfortable and beautiful in a way that will allow you and your baby to adjust to a new way of life in the smoothest way possible.

I will leave you with some irresistible nursery inspiration:

1 Nursery 3 Ways inspo.png

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  1. I love design inspirations but could never do it myself. One of my courses had us design a classroom virtually using a tool called floorplanner and I think you’d really love it. You can design any type of room you want, even changing the dimensions of the room. They have a huge variety of appliances and furniture to put in the room and you can view it in 2D and 3D. I’ll leave a link below so you can look at it if you want.

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