Bright Tonal Bathroom

Happy Friday Eve, everyone! I have been so inspired this week by everything we saw and ate in LA! I wonder how long I will be allowed to ride this inspiration train…As a result my workload happily increases…as does my stress level. But, looking at this pretty bathroom immediately calms me! Ahhhhh.

When designing this bathroom I wanted it to feel as fresh, bright, and clean as possible, with out coming off as sterile. Lately I have been obsessed with neutral, tonal colors like ochre, beige, rust, burnt orange, and really dusty pinks. Warm colors are obviously having a moment! (stay tuned for a series about that) They pop so well against a crisp, white background especially when accented by hits of black. This combo legitimately makes me swoon!

I like to design with a particular person in mind, and here I give a short description of who I think that person is and what their lifestyle is like. This makes designing more fun and meaningful, since design is about describing someone visually in order to help you get to know them. In these posts I reverse the process!

Meet Juliet. Her very favorite thing is long showers on sunny days, when her bathroom is aglow with energy. She has short blond hair and just got a new puppy who is still curiously acclimating to his new home. Her style is very tonal with warm whites, rust colors, and hits of black. Juliet is an entertainment lawyer, specializing in artists contracts. She has a love for the classic rock and basically has “Graceland” on repeat. Every Saturday she meets her friends at the local farmers market and they have breakfast together after doing their shopping. Laughing with them is the highlight of her week.


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