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Morning guys! Today I want to share a full blown design plan! I was in a large part designing for myself (the most fun kind of design) I let my emotions guide how I wanted this room to be and at the time I was feeling cozy, feminine, and bright. To make it more interesting, I decided to put a lot of restrictions on this plan.

#1 it is on a budget! Everything in this room (not including the plants) is $2,500! Which is really affordable for a full bedroom!

#2 is small! 200sqft! As someone who has a very small bedroom situation, I appreciate small space design!

OB-Colorful, Femenine Bedroom

I would describe the style of this room as contemporary. To me that means it has elements of a lot of different styles, industrial (side table), scandi (chair, basket), modern (light, mirror, bed), and it is hard to definitely say “This is the style.”

Designing with a budget as strict as this takes a lot more time! Searching for the right item is time consuming enough but if you just can’t find it, you have to resort to changing the design entirely which takes more sourcing time for all of the displaced items. I have to admit though, finding that perfect piece for a killer price makes all the headache worth it! Stay tuned for a post about low-budget online sources!


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I wanted this room to feel, soft, bright, feminine, and colorful. Florals, pinks, rusts, but clean and uncluttered.

Budget Design Plan

These are the textures represented in this design plan. I like doing this instead of color palettes because the ‘feel’ of the room is more adequately displayed. It makes you feel something!

Even thought the 3D rendering is only an approximation of the final style, this step is helpful to know what size bed, dresser, rug, side tables, etc. to shop for. If even one of these things was too big or small it could throw off the whole look and cost you unnecessary dollars!

3D design plan CFB43D design plan CFB23D design plan CFB3

3D design plan CFB

In addition to being easy to use, Roomsketcher allows an avatar to move around in your 3D design to make sure that the spacing is comfortable, and not cramped.

My jumping off point for the room was using this fabric as curtains. Even though it isn’t the cheapest fabric there is, I needed to splurge on my inspiration piece! The fabric is very busy and colorful which means it needed to be countered with the bright, fresh nature of the rest of the room. My favorite items in the room (besides the beautiful fabric) are the sequined pillow and Minted art. I am really into that color right now, and it looks so good with navy!

If you like this look you can shop the post below!

Budget design plan infographic


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