Build a Room Intro

I just want to preface this post by saying I am so. freaking. excited. about this!! Okay, done gushing…(no I’m not)

As some of you know I started the Build a Room series on my Instagram about a week ago with no idea where it would go. The basic ideas is to create a room by polling on Instagram stories, item by item. After 24 hours of polling there is a winner! Scouts honor, whatever is chosen will be in the final room. Yesterday we finally finished the first one! The reveal felt really special because of the anticipation and investment that so many of you have in this project.

Here is the finished product:

OB-Insta Poll Living RoomFinal.jpgRug, Sofa, Pendant, Coffee Table,ChairArt, Pillow, Pillow, PillowBookshelf

This room turned out to be a very warm and stylish! It was a really interesting experience for me designing without knowing where it would go. It was almost relaxing to step back and let all of you make the decision!

While I am very happy with how it turned out there were a few times I was slightly reluctant to say that a certain item won out over another. So for fun I decided to see what an alternate reality version of the room would be!

OB-Build A Room Alternate

Sofa, Rug, Dresser, Coffee Table, Art, Art, Light, Pillow, Pillow, Pillow, Candle, Plant, Chair, Mirror

I was really surprised that this version turned out so well! The items that I choose for you to choose between were all dependent on how the previous poll turned out. So none of these items were chosen with any of the others in mind, which means it shouldn’t have turned out but, lo and behold! This room turned out to be brighter, more feminine, and slightly Scandinavian…

SO. Since this series is so new and there is so much untapped potential, I want to hear from you participants! What are some things you didn’t like about the process? Things you want to see more of? Ideas? Comment away!

I am so excited for what this series could turn into (Themed? Sponsored? Personalized? the possibilities are endless!) You can look back at all the previous Build a Rooms that are saved on my highlights in Instagram! If you want to participate they are always running, just follow me, check my stories everyday for a new poll, and check the blog every few weeks for another reveal!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated! It is so fun to connect with you this way.

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