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California Cool Living Room

Happy Friday! Patterns and I haven’t been getting along lately. For some reason I am being drawn to solid colors and interesting textures. Here is a result of that: The California Cool Living Room. The only pattern in this room is the jute rug from Serena and Lily . My favorite part is that quirky art from Artfully Walls.

I like to design with a particular person in mind, and here I give a short description of who I think that person is and what their lifestyle is like. This makes designing more fun and meaningful, since design is about describing someone visually in order to help you get to know them. In these posts I reverse the process!

“Ada is a graduate of UCLA with a BA in economics and agriculture. Her style is bright with lots of colors and rose gold accents. You can usually find her in the hiking trails surrounding Los Angeles, munching granola. She has dark blond hair, bright blue eyes, and lots of freckles. A smile jumps to her face at the drop of her hat and she always strives to be encouraging to others above all else. Her favorite food is tomatoes, her favorite band is Greta Van Fleet, and her least favorite thing is crowded amusement parks.”

You might notice that the description of the person in these posts has almost nothing to do with the design itself, which is very intentional. People are rarely so predictable and parts of their personalities often contradict other parts.

I am sure I’ll be back into patterns at some point soon but for now this is what I am jiving with!

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