Caning – Not Your Grandmother’s Chair

Happy Friday!  Today I want to talk about a trend that I am seeing more and more- caning! Like most trends, this one is an oldie but is coming back in a big way with a modern slant.

Caning is a method of weaving natural fibers into furniture, usually the seats and/or backs of chairs. This is different from wicker or rattan furniture as it is usually not the only material used to make up the piece, whereas wicker or rattan make up the structure of the furniture itself. Caning is much more of a decorative feature than a practical method of furniture making. It usually looks like this:

caning.jpgThe organic, yet geometric nature of canning pairs so well with the mis-mash of styles we see happening in design these days. It’s all about old standards marrying with modern shapes to create something timeless. Here are some of the modern shapes I’m talking about:







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Cane furniture is becoming the new symbol for the modern cottage trend. The way this dated material is being twisted into modern shapes, paired with a contrasting glossy black frame, puts canning into a new light.

Since cane is a natural fiber it can be a great organic element in a room, almost having the same effect that wood does by contrasting the sleeker elements with warmth and a hint of nature.

Cane Design Roundup


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