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1 Bathroom 3 Ways

Happy Friday! Today is another installment of 1 room 3 ways, this time – a bathroom! A bathroom is a great place to do this because even though there are a lot of permanent fixtures, there are endless fun little accessories you can style with. Which means that picking just 3 combos was very very hard!

First we look at the bare bones of this bathroom:

OB-1 Bathroom 3 Ways Original #2

The Vanity: This simple midcentury modern vanity is from Rejuvenation, which has some really fabulous vanities that go with most styles! With everything included, they are customizable and a great backdrop.

The Mirror: This mirror is from Pottery Barn and is an interesting shape with the fun chain detail, but is still simple enough to go with anything.

The Pendant: This pendant is a gem from Lulu And Georgia! It is the perfect blend of unique and simple. You’re not likely to find this ziggurat style anywhere else.

I also chose a white penny tile for the floor and shower. Penny tile is probably the most versatile (ha! get it!?) tile there is.

The styling variables:

  • Sconces
  • Art
  • Rug
  • Chair
  • Basket
  • Towels

The goal is to take these variables and change them around to demonstrate how different a room can look just by changing out the cosmetics.

Global Version:

OB-1 Bathroom 3 Ways #1 of #2

Sconces / Art / RugChairBasket / Towels / Vase

For the global version of this bathroom a vintage kilm rug was the jumping off point. Global style is characterized by ethnic patterns, wood, and warm tones. It is a very layered style that is great for mixing in to other styles.

Wallpaper Version:

OB-1 Bathroom 3 Ways #2 of #2

Sconces / ArtRug / Chair / BasketVaseWallpaper

We take a hard left turn with this wallpaper, turning the bathroom whimsical, colorful, and almost childlike. There is something very colonial about this iteration but I can’t pin down a specific style. It hints at a lot of different things.

Modern Scandinavian:

OB-1 Bathroom 3 Ways #3 of #2

Sconce / ArtRug / ChairLadder / Towels

The Modern Scandinavian bathroom is really minimalist and simple with clean lines and warm tones. This style is similar to global in that it can be mixed with any other style effortlessly. Unlike global style it is characterized by color blocking (no pattern), simple lines, and minimalist, open spaces.

1 Bathroom 3 Ways

Styling is magic! It can completely transform a room into different versions of itself. In this series I demonstrate how to restyle the same room 3 different ways and completely transform it!

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1 Room 3 Ways, Design Board, Tips

1 Bedroom 3 Ways

Happy Friday everyone! I apologize for the lack of posts this week. Head over to my Instagram stories to find out why! (so exciting!)

Today is another installment of 1 Room 3 Ways! This illustrates how you can completely change the feel and style of the room by changing out a few items but keeping the core (expensive stuff) the same! This time we are doing a bedroom. These are the items that are staying the same:

OB-1 Bedroom 3 Ways Original

Bed – This bed is a splurge! Even though the design is simple, the grain of the wood makes it into a focal point.

Chair – This leather chair from BluDot is great for any style.

Side Table – I believe bed side tables should have some storage but because of the visually light nature of the other objects in the room I wanted something grounding. These bullet tables have hidden storage while also being a strong tulip shape.

Pendant – This is from one of my favorite lighting companies of all time. SchoolHouse Electric!

Items that will change are: dresser, art, rug, pillows, and accessories

First up is a Scandinavian style with green accents. I love those floating leaf prints from Industry West. The feel of this room is very cool and organic:

OB-1 Bedroom 3 Ways #2

#1 Rug, Art, Art, Pillow, Pillow, Dresser, Mirror, Candle

Next is our bright, colorful version:

This eclectic version of the room has lots of warm and soft colors with plenty of fun accents. Shout out to David Michael Slonim for that awesome painting!

OB-1 Bedroom 3 Ways #1

#2 Art, Art, Rug, Pillow, Pillow, Pillow, Dresser

Now for the third room: I’ll be honest. I had a lot of trouble coming up with a direction for this one! For some reason nothing felt right, or special enough. But I found this print from Chairish that I LOVE! Its got art deco, glam, and lots of abstract art!

OB-1 Bedroom 3 Ways #3

#3 Planter, Art, ArtDresser, Rug, Tree, PillowCandle

So there you have it! 1 Room 3 Ways. Let me know in the comments which room you would like to see next.

1 Bedroom 3 Ways

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