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Colors Today – Beige

Today we are talking about one of the hottest trends in design today: beige. *cue vintage horror movie scream* I know, I know, for a long time “beige” was synonymous with “vanilla” or “boring” but recently it is being reimagined! This trend has me strangely introspective because it wasn’t that long ago that I ridiculed all beige as bland (at best) and utterly repulsive (at worst). This trend has me confronting my own changeability and the dreaded “trend-follower” tendency. I am currently trying to either own it, or rationalize it away. I’ll keep you updated.

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To be fair, (here comes the rationalizing) the way beige is being incorporated into design today is different from how it used to be. It has come into its “modern iteration”. With every recurring design trend there is always something just slightly tweaked about the way it’s being used or treated that makes it modern.

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In this new version, beige can be on anything! Walls, upholstery, art, furniture, accessories, textiles, cabinets (yes, cabinets), and clothing! Not only can it go on anything, but it can go on multiple things in a room and it doesn’t even have to match! Beige has so many undertones in it that perfectly matching it to any other beige is nearly impossible. The result is a motley combo of different shades and undertones that can be really pleasing when done intentionally.

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But here is the tweak: there are restrictions on how to use the new beige without it leaning too “doctor’s office” and the first of these has to do with those blasted undertones. In general, it goes like this: the good undertones are pink, brown, gray, and purple; the bad undertones fall mostly in the yellow and green camps. We want to live in a modern french chateau, not teacher’s khaki pants.

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The second rule for modern beige is not about the colors in it, but the colors it is being paired with. Firstly, it should always be paired with a true white, which helps highlight all the different yummy shades of beige. Any other tones in the room should be very warm, earthy, and not too loud. Keep it to browns, amber, wood tones, and the occasional pop of black or very dark green.

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A minimalist modern vibe is also important to note. Beige is being heavily used in Scandinavian design which boasts simple, utilitarian shapes that allow the elegance of beige to shine. I think this is why the multiple shades thing works – the simplicity of the surroundings don’t overwhelm the eye and allow you to notice the intentionality of all the different shades.

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In fashion beige is being used in quality, simple pieces that follow the same rules as interiors. Pair with a true white and earthy colors, low pattern, simple shapes, with pink, brown, gray, and purple undertones. Casual and comfortable, soft and elegant.

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So! To sum up: Beige is back, but the shade has changed, the colors it is paired with have changed, and the style it is primarily used in has changed. Here are some absolutely stunning design-forward products in beige:

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Dramatic Brooklyn Co-Working Space

The individual elements of this moody co-working space may seem simple at first glance but in every corner of this space is conscious, quality design. This converted foundry comes together in a mashup of mid-century, Scandinavian, and industrial design.

The first thing that strikes you about this space is BLACK AND WHITE. Its like its saying “yeah, I know its a common color scheme but I’m going to take it to the NEXT LEVEL! AWW YISSS!!”

The next tier of texture in this space is the warm natural wood color that makes up the flooring, and super cool caned chairs (you know I love anything caned).

Adagio Armchair

Third most is brass, represented in all of the lighting. The addition of green plants in this space helps to counteract the intensity of the design and add an accent of softness and life.

Black and white, wood, brass, and live plants are the cornerstones of this design which is admittedly a fairly common concept, however in this space it is taken to a whole new level by The New Design Project. Here they took basic elements and married them together with texture, style, light, and scale which set each element at its absolute best.

Company: the New Work Project

Designers: The New Design Project

Architecture: Jam Architecture

Photography: Will Ellis

Contractors: GCNY Builders

Via: Dwell Article

Get The Look:

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Trend Alert: Wood Cabinets

Wood Cabinets are back people! They went out during the “paint everything white” years and then during the “smokey” cabinet year and a half, and now they are coming back into kitchens with a drama all of their own. Observe:

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Wood Cabinets are veering modern AND traditional these days paired with lots of B&W, and open shelving, with a rustic/minimalist vibe. I am loving this trend because wood has so much warmth and texture to it, that it can hold its own in a minimalist setting, and still keep everything cozy.

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I admit freely that I am much more drawn to this contemporary, modern iteration of wooden cabinets, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any wood cabinet hopes for you traditional people, and I actually really really love these: 

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A common element of all of these wood cabinet kitchens is the presence of a heavy dose of B&W as well as a simplicity in all the other elements of the kitchen. The idea here is to let the wood tones be the focal point of the kitchen, without everything feeling super heavy and “decorative”  

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I would do these in my kitchen in a heart beat, which is actually saying a lot because normally I am a lot more cautions about trends, but I think this is one that will stand the test of time and will always feel classic. And if you do it in this neutral, natural tone of wood, it will go with anything! 

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Colors Today – Sage Green

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day weekend. Life has definitely gotten crazy for me over the past month or so and I have felt out of touch with the design world as of late. But now I am diving back in and I am seeing A LOT of sage green!

In spite of the huge surge of warm, earthy colors exploding all over the internet, (see: Vermillion, Mustard and Millennial, Terracotta, and Wine) this color has remained highly popular. It used to be called mint and was usually paired with peachy salmon colors, sea shells, and some hydrangeas, but these days it has grown dusty and much more grown up…

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Unlike a lot of color crazes these days, sage green is being seen mostly on walls and other large surfaces! It is breaking up the barrage of white walled pictures on the internet (nothing against white walls of course!) But to see this color being used so boldly is refreshing. This is due in part to sage green being such a soft and delicate color. It wont overpower the other colors, or darken the room. It is also style ambiguous! It is not only paired with scandi design, but also with french provincial, and traditional styles.

sage green styles

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Sage green loves to be paired with warm wood tones (opposite to it on the color wheel) as seen above. It also does very well being paired with a dark forrest green:


Which fits with the trend of mixing colors in the same hue but with different tones as a way of creating contrast.

Here are some of my favorite ways that I see sage green being used in design these days:

In Interiors:

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In Fashion:

10d54cda1ef59ff24a06cfff6afb9582  6111978a7f11e611de6c0c175adbb91efc33286dd8ab1204e9a11f9560df8178  ddc455fbb9a3a00109fddd7276cc3d9ef0458b154a46836e7fb9228dfc6f44ad  beed601d2fc93fea820c7aa1c4d0797f325a55901429442671d4b9481d1386c5

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In Vingette:

OB-Sage Green alt
Sofa / Chair / Rug / Coffee Table / Art / Art / Planter / Sconce / Candle / Pillow / Books

Want to incorporate sage green in to your home? As always I suggest starting small, to make sure you like it before you commit to a whole wall, sofa, or other piece of large furniture. Check out some of this stuff:

Sage Green

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Colors Today – Vermilion

Happy Friday everyone! Today is another edition of our Colors Today series. This time I want to highlight vermillion! Other names for this color include “fire-engine Red” “cherry red” or “blood red” and it fell out of popularity a few years ago and is most definitely coming back but (as usual) with a twist. Instead of being used in oriental design, with lots of intricate, patterned things, it is as a bright solid brining contrast wherever needed.

It can be used as a pungent accent to very minimalistic or Scandinavian design…

montmatre-apartment-Freshome-052  dd97f3adca6b939ac99da24222aa2090

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…Or in juxtaposition to highly ornate and traditional styles:

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Both of these ways of using red are highly contrasting and make the red jump out at you in a pleasing way.

The red family has traditionally been paired with saturated blues and mint. They are opposite each other on the color wheel, which means they are complimentary. However, as tonal design is coming into popularity, vermillion is being paired with colors in its own family in addition to the cooler colors. Like so:

katielydoninteriors3lower5thave_family03  55ff0321e1ad57dbd1c908a9dd4e67e3.jpg

4af48f3f454c1fae34283a26791b22aa  3b36271501410dc55835425e0f5edf99

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This way of using vermillion is also highly contrasting but in a much more subtle way. The difference in saturation of the warm colors used in these photos is what prevents it feeling too warm. To put it another way: the pink appears so soft against the bright vermillion that it creates a stark contrast between the two colors. Even thought they both read as warm, they still contrast each other, which is what creates the interest and eclectic atmosphere.

Okay, enough with all of the trend talk. Heres some good ‘ol fashioned pretty pictures!


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