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Colors Today – Mustard and Millennial

Today’s colors today is all about a classic color combo – millennial pink and mustard yellow! These colors together pack quite a feminine punch! So to tone it down, it is often combined with minimalist styles and very little pattern.

Now I could say this was color inspo for pink and yellow but in order to be more accurate (and lets be honest, trendy.) I am highlighting specifically millennial pink and mustard yellow. This is because both of these colors are muted and softer than just PINK and YELLOW, which can come off as jarring and in some cases, blinding. But when you play with the tones it can even come off as moody!

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Often pink and mustard are paired with a light blue/mint as an accent color:



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I would like to take this opportunity to touch on a new trend: Gen Z Yellow is supposedly going to be the new millennial pink? I am admittedly skeptical about this. I am a fan of mustard yellow, yellow ochre, and other muted forms of yellow (as shown in this post) but I am warry of a bright electric yellow. Of course, I was warry of pink at first and look at me now! So I’m trying to be self aware enough to realize that I might love this color 6 months from now, and also being self aware enough to not love it just because it is a trending thing.

What do you think?? Do you love a bright yellow?


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