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For the last few weeks I have been gathering inspiration for the Colors Today series and one color in particular keeps popping up in my feed and in my life -Terracotta. This is the most accurate word I can come up with to describe this color. Others might include: burnt orange, brick, rust, brownish red, or clay. Hence the reason it took me a few weeks to develop this post. It is a very difficult color to nail down!

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As of now it is not the most popular color there is (which means it is still cool!) That title is still held by Millennial Pink, and is approached by Wine. Nevertheless, Terracotta is everywhere! The reason being that is goes obnoxiously well with the ‘it’ color of the day.ikeavase.jpg

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Here is is in Ikea’s line of vases with millennial pink!

Terracotta is an earth tone so therefore it is being used in design as if it were a neutral. I’m really into this new trend of warm colors!


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Terracotta plays well with lots of colors. I especially love the way it looks with blue! It is being paired with Scandinavian and Parisian-minimalist styles, which keeps it from becoming to visually heavy on walls.

What are some of your color obsessions? Anything that will shock??

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