Epic Thrifting Day!

On Sunday I went thrifting at our local Emporium. This place is massive! Most booths are a treasure trove of really cool trinkets and very old furniture. Even though I didn’t even cover half of it I spent almost an hour and a half in there!

Some of you have seen my thrifting adventures posted on Insta or Facebook. Did you ever wonder, “Why did she take a picture of THAT?? Its junk!” Well today on the blog I am letting you into my thought process for thrifting! I couldn’t do every item, (if you saw my Insta Stories you’ll know why!) But these are some of my favorites

When you are thrifting you have to be able to look at something and take it out of context. So It might look trashy sitting with a bunch of action figures and old mugs but it might be world class when styled on a credenza in a chic Parisian flat. For this reason I am going to post these photos with a room that they might look good in, and I’m going to ask you to imagine what that vase, or painting might look like in that room. Ready? Go.

#1 Marble Eggs


These eggs were sitting on a shelf, interspersed with other nick nacks. The white marble one caught my eye first and then the yellow. As I talked about here, this mustard color and millennial pink look AH-mazing together! And when I found them in marble egg form?! I thought I won the lottery! I kind of regret not getting these but I don’t have the budget for them at the moment…*sigh. Try to picture them styled in a bowl on a coffee table or credenza in a room like this:



#2 Box


I really want to see this pattern in pillow form…I think it is so interesting that someone went through the trouble to make a peacock feather, blue and white box in a high quality material only to dedicated it solely to rotary attachments!?! This box felt beautiful and high quality, and it was in great condition. The juxtaposition of the beauty, and the mundane label tickled me! This box would be perfect to help fill out a bookcase:



#3 African Heads


These felt nice and solid. I love them because of the expressions on their faces. They are so chill about everything! Almost like the cover of a lifestyle magazine. They are also valuable in terms of styling because they are tall and of varying heights. When you’re styling you want to be able to give height and dimension to a vignette so that it doesn’t look too flat or boring. Not to mention the human face adds some really cool things to design which I talked about a little bit here. Each one was about $10 which is a great price but I couldn’t justify spending $40… These would look fabulous in a slightly Scandinavian room like this:



#4 Vintage Portrait


I really loved this portrait for two reasons. #1 the colors are phenomenal. I’m getting a little giddy just looking at them! The light pink, golden, and dusty navy-gray thing she has going on is stunning. #2 The style and attitude of the subject. This Victorian lady seems sensual, yet aloof. The word “flowing” comes to mind. She has a load of character. Admittedly, I don’t love the frame or matting so If I were to take her home I would crop and reframe. Easy enough with companies like FrameBridge. The only downside is a little bit of mula…This would be the perfect anchor piece to a gallery wall or on its own above a mid-century lounge chair!



#5 Busts.

ACS-0075 (1)

There were a lot of busts at the emporium. A lot. These guys stood out to me because of the cracked, crumbling, patina. They looked really old, regal, and solid. I could also picture that yellow lamp between them on a credenza although it being there was an accident. And again they are human figures (talked about here) I think I have an obsession with human figures in design….These dudes might go a little something like this:

thriftininspo3   thriftinginspo4


Source: 1|2|3

#6 Collection of Old, Blue Books



In case you couldn’t tell, I have this thing with collections. They take something ordinary, and make it seem really special. Ironically you start to see all the ways that this object is different and unique! Even though these are all blue books, they have differences in texture, shade, size, and age which makes each of them unique…and yet the same. There is a metaphor for life or the human condition somewhere in there…Anyway! I’m not totally sure if that makes any sense. Please let me know in the comments!
These are screaming to be styled on a table!



My belief about antique/vintage/thrifted things is that taking something old and giving it new life is a beautiful thing. We were all dusty junk sitting in a pile of naked barbies and rusting farm equipment until someone treasured US and gave US new life. I think you know where I am going with this…

Thrifting/antiquing/vintage is chock full of meaning.

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