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Guide to Gifts for Fathers

Welcome to The Fig Design’s first ever gift guide! The next holiday happens to be Father’s Day so thats what we’re doing here today. Just keeping it real…

For Father’s Day growing up my siblings and I would, in addition to the ties and socks, invariably get our dad some form of comically large chocolate. Giant Hershey’s Kisses, giant Hershey’s bar, giant Snickers, etc. As kids we understood that “dad likes chocolate” and looking back on this holiday, I realize that his exclamations of “Oooo! Chocolate, my favorite!!” while genuine, didn’t represent the total rapture I thought we were providing him.

Thankfully my knowledge of how to buy for men has developed in the last few years, so in ADDITION to the giant chocolate you get your dad this year, consider some of the below items that (I believe) most men would be (hopefully) happy to receive.

(Note: the noticeable lack of power tools and sports gear in the below guide is not lost on me. The fathers in my life, while they have their moments of handiness, don’t have a particularly high desire/need for power-tools or sports gear, so it didn’t really occur to me to include them!)

Fathers Day Gift Guide

(1) Suit – Dads and fashion- the age old dilemma.

(2 Komono Shaun Sunglasses – Geometric glasses are the next thing. Help your dad onto this trend train.

(3) Baseball Cap – Insert favorite sports team here.

(4) Glass Water Bottle – Does your dad loose his water bottle, like, every day?

(5) Beer Brewing Kit – Complicated instructions and alcohol. Great mix.

(6) Running Shoes – To help him get rid of that “dad bod”

(7) Leather Duffle Bag – Traveling in style.

(8) Whiskey Stones – Because dads like whiskey, I guess??

(9) Cotton T-Shirt – Great piece for layering that goes with most stuff.

(10) Toilet Coffee Cup – Because dads like potty humor for some reason??

(11) Eye Glasses Holder – Come to think of it, I might actually get this for me! Super cute little styling thing…

(12) Watch – I love the simplicity of this watch!

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