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Modern Minimalist Bachelor Pad

Welcome to another full design plan! Today our client is very special because this is an interpretation of my husband Michael’s tastes in his hypothetical, never-gonna-happen bachelor pad!

I was searching around for people with good style to do practice design plans with and I realized I have someone with crazy cool style right under my nose! Or rather, slightly above my nose. Anyway! This is my dream client (and man). I know what he wants probably better than he does, and he lives with me so scheduling meetings is a breeze!

He agreed to do two rooms with me and our first consultation got him thinking about his own tastes in design probably more than he ever has.

  • He found out he will always go for cool and minimal rather than bright and busy.
  • He prefers high-end materials and quality products.
  • He wanted tropical looking plants
  • He also hates art or figurines with human faces. It creeps him out.

He asked me to make him a minimal oasis with industrial elements and high-end materials. I was thrilled. I love this style! And although I don’t think it would be practical for our family or fulfilling for me as a designer (I’m a semi-maximalist and yes I’m aware of the irony in that sentence), this is a great style to incorporate into any home! Here are some of the inspiration photos:



A few things I knew right away the room needed:

  • Wide plank, white oak flooring (for warmth in the minimalist pad)
  • Some quirky art
  • Big windows (because Michael loves natural light)
  • Cozy bedding (because he also likes to burrow)
  • Manly industrial vibe (industrial is the complimenting style to this type of minimalism)
  • Lots of Black accents
  • And of course white walls

The floor plan was broken down like this:

Michael Floor Plan breakdown

This room is pretty big so there is a sitting area in the bottom right corner and a desk in the bottom left. Michael likes to do his work almost as soon as he wakes up and most of it in the comfort of his bedroom. This is where he would send emails, listen to tracks, and write incredible, chart-topping songs.

The double doors on the left follow into his bathroom, single door on the left is a walk-in closet (something he always wanted) and the double doors on the right (as long as we are dreaming) lead to a balcony! At the foot of his bed is the sofa and another small zone for cozy chats and drinks.

The 3D version doesn’t represent the final style of the materials but it definitely helps to get a feel for the space:


The first version:

OB-Michael Bedroom #1.jpg

OB-Michael's Bedroom #2.jpg

This version is more colorful and tropical. The reading nook has two chairs and there are hits of vibrant blue and yellow accents. The linen curtains add a finished, cozy feel.

OB-Michael's Bedroom #3

OB-Michael's Bedroom #4

This version of his bedroom has the volume turned down on those colors and everything rests a little easier. The greenish blue sofa from interior define is a perfect example of a color acting as a neutral. It blends in with the foliage and doesn’t jar you. One of my favorite features of this bedroom is the 4 poster bed. Because the space I was working with was so big (high ceilings, very open) the bed needed to fit the scale and this one from OKL fit the bill perfectly but is no longer available. Here is one I found that is similar: 4 poster bed. Instead of curtains in this room there are privacy shades (not shown). Even though the curtains feel cozy, the lack of curtains amp up the minimal vibe significantly.

Michael’s favorite feature is the black leather chair. During my initial conversation with Michael he said “And I’m over leather, no leather.” I frowned a little and I said “Do you mean…brown leather? Because I think you like black leather.” to which he replied “Oh, yeah. I like black leather. Just no brown leather.” Got it. Sometimes you need to clarify things with clients to give them what they want. Can you imagine if I had stuck with no leather and risked omitting his favorite part of the room??

You’ve probably guessed that he chose the second option. Here is the final version and shopping list after a few minor revisions:

Michael Design Plan get the look (1)


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