My Office Design Plan

Happy Friday! Today I am showcasing the design for an office space I would absolutely love! But I also wanted to show a space that challenged me to fit into constraints so this little office is only 138 sq ft.

As always with 3D design the purpose is to test out spacial and practical needs, and THEN design with the 2D for the specific pieces. The style of the objects you see here do NOT represent the final style of the room, but they are an accurate representation of the size of the sofa, desk, paintings, etc. Here is the 3D floor plan:


In order to store all of the little styling nick knacks, paint decks, and fabric samples on the right is an Ikea storage cabinet. In front of that is my desk (more storage) and chair and a sitting area that I have always just really wanted even though I know its not completely practical…Here are some more snaps of the interior layout:


When you’re designing an office space it is important to consider what it will be used for. If you are a photographer you will need lots of room for equipment and natural light if possible. If you are a lawyer you will need A LOT of room for files. If you are a consultant you will need a comfortable meeting area for long talks. The purpose of the room is one of the #1 things that dictate the design of the room.

This office space is being designed for an interior design blogger. Which means it will need plenty of storage for nick knacks and room to shoot vignettes (check). But because of the size of the office I needed to get creative with the use of space for shoots. The large scale painting on the wall can be lifted and removed to make a blank space, and the sofa can be pulled away from the window wall for shoots that involve the window.

Now for the reveal of the specific 2D items:

Office Design PlanDesk, Art, Art, Chair, Cabinet, Sofa, Rug, Plant, Pendant, Scissors, Cup, Tray, Lamp, Painting

I wanted this office to have a really good mix of masculine, and feminine elements as well as modern and victorian. My favorite part of this room is the massive painting from David Michael Slonim (father-in-law!). The sofa/rug is killing me! I love that blush and cayenne combo. The portraits are from Artfully Walls which has some really amazing pieces and is so customizable with framing and everything. And I’ve always wanted bird scissors…


officeinspo4  officeinspo3officeinspo2  officeinspo1

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