Colors Today – Wine

You guys! I am writing this to you from a Starbucks in Anaheim, CA! Took a break from conference stuff today, or rather my feet took a break! Man they were killing me yesterday. Tonight we are going to see Andy Grammar and possibly dinner with friends!

Being here feels so inspiring! The air we are breathing is sweet and you can’t look anywhere without seeing a palm tree-not an exaggeration. Check out my Insta stories if you want to hear my every random thought while on this trip (that might be an exaggeration)

Speaking of inspiring, today is about wine COLOR. Not 21 yet folks. This color used to be called burgundy but somehow that feels really old school these days. Modernizing anything is about taking that thing into a new context. While we used to put this color all over walls and curtains, designers and brands are expanding its use to feel glamorous and down-to-earth at the same time. Think Scandi-Parisian

wineinspo asoswineinspo.jpgwineinso.jpg

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I believe there are a few reasons why this color has risen to popularity. #1 Since millennial pink has pretty much taken over the internet there is a natural need to find a complimentary color. This wine color is the tonal counterpart to pink, meaning it isn’t the opposite but it is the contrasting color of the same family. #2 Wine/burgundy is a jewel tone which means that it lends itself really well to velvet, given the reflective quality that velvet can have, and velvet is an extremely popular texture in design right now.. This one isn’t as strong of a reason but is more of an added bonus.



Source: 1|2|3|4|5|6




Source: 1|2|3|4|5

Update: I had to leave that Starbucks because they had no outlets and my computer was dying, so I went to another Starbucks and their wifi was out! So I have finally settled at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf which has both outlets, wifi, and good coffee, thank goodness! Bonus: it is right by the convention! My, my, that was stressful!



1 Nursery 3 Ways

Today I want showcase how—by changing out accessories and keeping core elements the same—you can drastically change the feel of a room, without having to redesign the whole thing! For example, this is useful for refreshing a nursery to invite a second little one without having to spend big bucks to exchange all of the big ticket items, or if you just feel like a change.

In this post I will show you three mood boards of the same room: a neutral, girl, and boy nursery.

The elements that are consistent:

So as you can see a lot is kept the same. Everything else is subject to change. The varying factors are:

  • Artwork
  • Books
  • Accessories
  • Pillows

First off we have the Neutral:

OB-Neutral Nursery 2.jpg


Alphabet Print Pillow Book Book

My favorite part of this room is the Star Wars Alphabet print from Society6. I have to consider that gender-neutral because I LOVE Star Wars. Sorry guys, you don’t get a monopoly. The koala pillow from Target is so good, especially for that price! And of course, an utterly shameless plug for my father-in-law and his books. Fun fact: his book “Oh Ducky!” was one of my favorites growing up before Michael and I were even dating.

Side note: I never understood why people use yellow as a gender-neutral color. To me yellow is more of an accent color. Green, however, the color of trees and plants, is the best gender-neutral I can think of, which is why there is a healthy dose of it here. Not to mention it goes with nearly every color. But thats another post for another time. Next up: The girl’s room.

OB-Baby Girl's Nursery 2.jpg


Art Art Pig Snail

When it comes to girls’ rooms, even many designers I love seem to try too hard. They think that baby girls NEED to have everything be girly or pink. Not true! I like to use girly elements the way you would use a bright accent color. It shines best when it is sprinkled. This room doesn’t hit you in the face with the girliness, while still coming off very feminine. That pig and snail are sooooooo cute! I bet they’re best friends (hey, I’m allowed at least one cutesy thing, right?). Now let’s have a bit of boy, shall we?

OB-Baby Boy's Nursery 2.jpg


Teddy Dog Print Truck Print Book Book

This room feels just “boy” enough without being overly saturated. Little hits of orange and green peppered around, same as the girly elements. That playful puppy sketch gets me every time. If my husband were a piece of art, he would be that puppy sketch.

I have a philosophy about baby rooms. I don’t think babies care if their rooms match their gender. They just want milk and cuddles! He/she is an infant (which this nursery was designed for) and they aren’t going to be looking for Transformers or Doc. McStuffins. Just love. And it’s important to me that a nursery is not only functional and cute, but that it also has some grown-up elements. After all, the parents are going to be spending just as much time in there and will probably care a lot more! Just make sure it is comfortable and beautiful in a way that will allow you and your baby to adjust to a new way of life in the smoothest way possible.

I will leave you with some irresistible nursery inspiration:

1 Nursery 3 Ways inspo.png

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Totally Grown-up Bedroom

I like to design with a particular person in mind, and here I give a short description of who I think that person is and what their lifestyle is like. This makes designing more fun and meaningful, since design is about describing someone visually in order to help you get to know them. In these posts I reverse the process. This person is not real as far as I know.

The lady who lives in this Arizona bedroom has got. it. together. Her name is Lisa and her style is very traditional and luxurious. When she was renovating her 1950’s ranch the one thing she demanded was lots of huge windows. She wants to feel as open and bright as possible in every area of her life. Lisa likes to take ballroom dancing lessons on the weekends, and she is always experimenting with new recipes. She has fair, freckled skin and straight dark hair. Her favorite part of every day is listening to the birds chirping in her garden, which is just outside her bedroom doors.

This bedroom feels a little intimidating to me because it comes off so grown-up! The style of this room is modern, contemporary, and what I can only describe as “desert-y.” It has its roots in boho, but it is most commonly seen in ranches. And now for the inspo:

The first thing I chose was the bed from Lulu and Georgia, because of the smoke color and the shape. I knew I wanted this bedroom to feel really put together and buttoned up. Next I found the chandelier at Lawson Fenning (high end!), and I love the way it works with the bed and the big windows. Black is really working hard in this room and I love it. Because the bed was a neutral color, I wanted the rug to be something brighter. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a yellow rug, but as I was scrolling through this one jumped out at me.

Large black windows keep cropping up in the designs I’ve been doing, and I wanted this room to be super open and bright, so I decided to put these full-wall industrial windows in the bedroom. I imagine that these doors lead out to something like this:


I love the idea of having a courtyard in the middle of a home to tie all the rooms of the house together. It would make moving between rooms soooo easy. I pictured the courtyard at dusk in the summertime, just as everything is getting cooler and the crickets are coming out.

Next, I looked for a large scale wallpaper to match the rug ( because wallpaper = grown-up). It’s pretty unusual for me to look for something that “matches.” My instinct is to find something that contrasts with the rug. But I loved the way the gold color was working with the bed and grayish floors; I just couldn’t resist! Matching things also tends to give that grown-up (read: traditional) look I was going for.

Which leads me to the side tables. You can’t see it on the board but it has this perfect detail:

OB-Olive Tree

These side tables aren’t very practical for storage but they have a great scale and visual weight.

Normally I would stick a table lamp on those suckers, but I wanted to leave the surface mostly clear and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to put a sconce on wallpaper! which makes a sconce look 1000x cooler!! (I might be too enthusiastic about sconces for a normal person…)

While looking for a plant to put in the corner (large scale, of course), I noticed this cactus from World Market. And THAT is when I decided to bring in the “desert-y” slant. Before that point I didn’t know what the room would be, but once that decision was made everything else fell into place. It is sitting in a very nice planter from West Elm, by the way.

The leather chair added another texture and added to the “desert-y” feel. The Target pillows (Target knows how to do pillows, ya’ll) added to the feel a little more. FINALLY I wanted the art to have a modern/quirky feel, and this odd B&W print from OKL contrasted well with all of the grown up stuff.

Maybe one day I’ll be grown up enough to have wallpaper in MY bedroom…Nah.

BedChandelierRugWallpaperSide TableSconceChairCactusPillowPillowArtPlanterBedding;

Stay Tuned for LA!

This coming week Michael and I are taking our first trip to LA together! Woooo! I am so completely excited for this. LA is somewhere we want to consider living someday, so we figured we should probably check it out before we make that decision! 


For his part Michael will be hanging out at the NAMM conference in Anaheim while I hopefully do some snooping on the LA design scene. Goals for the trip include:

For his part, Michael will be hanging out at the NAMM conference in Anaheim, while I hopefully do some snooping on the LA design scene. Goals for the trip include:

  • Cool coffee shops.
  • Cool food trucks.
  • Cool design shops.
  • Potentially getting to talk to some cool designers who have made it! (fingers crossed)
  • Cool Restaurants.
  • Maybe some cool avocado toast?
  • Go to the cool beach.
  • Probably sit in traffic for 2.5 million years (cooly).
  • aaaaaaand cool.

Thats it! Also this will be my first time staying at an AirB&B (I know, I know, “what kind of millennial are you?!” Well, give me a break, I live in Anderson, IN.) And now for a little LA inspo!

LA inspo

Source: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8

Hopefully next week your Instagram feeds will be sufficiently blown up and I will get away from this wretched, sub-zero-wind-chill weather for half a second.


Minimalistic Traditional Reading Corner

*I like to design with a particular person in mind, and here I give a short description of who I think that person is and what their lifestyle is like. This makes designing more fun and meaningful, since design is about describing someone visually in order to help you get to know them. In these posts I reverse the process. This person is not real as far as I know.

I imagine that a young family lives in this snazzy San Franciscan home. Rayne has a weekly playgroup over once a week to give her two children a chance to see their friends and to give her a good excuse to clean up. She loves to entertain in this spacious living room, something that her mom taught her to do growing up. Her passion is sparked by her relationships with the people in the community, and she has set up her home to be a platform for getting together. Rayne has a mop of curly light brown hair and a round face. She can be seen in the summertime wearing sandals exclusively, and during winter she never goes anywhere without earmuffs even though she knows they make her look silly. Her style is welcoming and friendly but with a classic and high-end slant. Her favorite things are dinner parties, sunny mornings, the flower market (when it’s cheap) and the bleary faces of her children after they wake up.

If you caught my insta stories the other day, you caught me putting this room together step by step. Thanks again if you sat through that! It’s helpful for me to tease out the process as an exercise in design, and I feel so privileged to share that with all of you!

Not shown in the stories was adding the lighting which I realized later I neglected in the original design – a big mistake if this was a real client. Lighting is super important in a space like this, which will be used mostly for reading. I also switched out the original side table for this one from CB2 because the first one just never felt right for me…I think the scale wasn’t right. That’s why it’s good to always go back and look over the design to figure out what feels off. Here are some images that inspired the feel for this corner:

First thing I did was choose the English Roll Arm Lounge Chair from Interior Define in yellow velvet. I wanted this room to feel pretty minimal, but it also needed a focal point, and the yellow velvet did that perfectly. The complementing style is industrial, which is mostly represented by the windows and open feel of the room. The next thing I chose was the blond herringbone floor, inspired by Emily Henderson‘s amazing floors in her home.

Since this is a sitting corner of a living room, you need basically three things: the chair, the light, and the floor (because duh, a room needs a floor). But just those things together lacks the pretty/cozy factor. Cue the tree! That olive tree is from Crate and Barrel and I believe it is no longer available. I have this thing for large plants. The larger the plant the better I like it! It fills the room in such a beautiful and organic way. Next, I needed a side table for putting things like coffee on. This console fit the bill, while also providing storage.

The David Michael Slonim print is part of a new series he is doing that is not yet on his website but if you head to his Facebook you can get a peek into the goods. I am personally loving the charcoal thing, and if definitely works with this style, at the same time providing a contrast to the traditional elements. This Minted print is one of my absolute favorites! And it gives us another traditional element.

For the rug I decided I wanted something solid, so that it didn’t compete with the nice herringbone pattern. This rug from West Elm has a warm texture to it, and the gray color is the perfect backdrop for the vibrant yellow chair.

The addition of the pillow, basket, and blanket (similar) were mainly to provide the “cozy” factor and to flesh out the design.

In total we have 7 different style represented in this room. MCM in the console, modern in the charcoal art and lamp, global in the rug, pillow, and basket, industrial in the window and open style of the space, traditional in the chair and minted art, and minimalist in the way all these elements are presented. These elements on their own can be classified into different groups; however the main styles here are minimalist, traditional and industrial as an accent.

Chair, Console, Rug, Lamp, Charcoal Art (not available), Minted Print, Tree (no longer available) , Pillow, Basket, Blanket(similar)