Real, Concrete Inspiration.

Happy Friday! How was everyone’s week? I spent mine in a flurry of indecision about today’s blog post! It was written months ago and procrastinated because I thought about making it into a series. I love concrete so much! In the end I decided I just wanted to get it out of my drafts pile and out there.

Concrete – This versatile material is widely used in design, mostly in farmhouse and Industrial design but it can be adapted for all styles. Here are my favorite ways to use concrete in interior design:


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This one is pretty obvious and the most common (and my favorite). When using concrete floors in residential design you need to consider things like how to make the space cozy with all that cool stone. Some options include heating elements embedded in the concrete as well as lots and lots of rugs. The great thing about concrete floors (besides their dope look) is their durability.


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I love how streamlined and modern concrete countertops can look. Totally worth the maintenance. If you don’t want to completely replace your current countertops or deal with cracking, you could consider skim coating your existing counters like this one from A Beautiful Mess.


concreteinspo7   concreteinspo8concreteinspo9  concreteinspo10

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Lighting is a fairly uncommon way that I see concrete used. I like it because it is a cool texture in an unexpected place.

Vingette: Brands like to use concrete as a surface to show off their products because of the subtle texture and neutral color. This was a spread shot by Studio Brinson for DBO Home both of which are brands I love.

DBO_COLLECTIONS_banner_01_large 2

For all of you instagram people and those who are interested in such things, stay tuned for a DIY of how to make a concrete surface like the above photo. And prepare to see plenty of Instagram posts against said surface…

In addition to Father’s Day, Michael and I are celebrating 2 years of marriage this weekend with a kayaking trip at Turkey Run State Park! So this Irishwoman will be stockpiling sunscreen if you need her.


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