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Best Art Sources

Happy Friday! Today’s post is about the best art sources out there! If you know anything about me, you know art is one of my favorite things to source for interiors. Right above chairs and right below lighting (in more ways then one! Ha!)

Art is so important for any room, as important as seating and lighting! Without it the room can often feel flat and boring, with almost no personality. Today I want to show you some of the common places I source from for art that aren’t generic or too cutesy.

My #1 rule when I look for art is quirk. I love to see art contrast the room that it is in. If Its a small room, do big art, if its a colorful room, do some monochrome art. If its a really serious dramatic room put up a photograph of a black and white dog making a silly face. Art loves contradiction.

The second thing I look for is customizability. I want to get that piece in any size conceivable and if they have a framing option, even better.

Most of these sources check both boxes:


OB-Chairish Art

(1)Bergundy Beret; (2)Blue Garrulus Caronatus; (3)Abstract Expressionist; (4)Harriet Stanton Intaglio; (5)Sometimes; (6)Painting Study Tomatoes; (7)Unspoken; (8)Vintage Marc Chagall Lithograph

Chairish is one of my favorite places to go for art because most of the pieces are one-of-a-kind and have a strong character. The Chairish print shop has recently opened which I am so excited about! Now you can customize your print to many different shapes. This is a great place to go for quirky art.


OB-Minted Art

(1) Patience; (2) Late Harvest; (3) Angkor Hallway; (4) Abstract Botanical; (5) Golden Illumination; (6) Southern Cotton; (7) City Squares 2(8) Real Reflections(9) I Remember; (10) Folded Lines;

Minted is probably the art site that you’ve heard about. There are thousands of contributors and everything is customizable. I haven’t found one piece of art on here that I dislike. I have found that a small piece of framed art makes an awesome gift.

Artfully Walls:

OB-Artfully Walls Art

(1) Yellow Bowl; (2) Black Glitter Etching; (3) Soren(4) Street Art-4(5) Lovers In Florence; (6) Time Stands Still; (7) Wintertime VIII; (8) Vintage Portrait; (9) Perfumes in Tokyo; (10) Wrestling; (11) Blue Paeonia #6;

Artfully walls is the higher-end version of Minted. Their frames are all very customizable, and their selection is fantastic. You can search by style, category, color, price, you name it!

Little Paper Planes Shop:

OB-Little Paper Planes Art

(1)Black and White Flower Study; (2)Somebody’s idea of a good time; (3)Salt Rock 1; (4)Landmarks; (5)Stack V; (6)A Law That Is Implied Without Being Said;

The coolest photographs can be found here. Little Paper Planes Shop walks the line between serious and quirky and they really take their art seriously. In addition to art they have super cute jewelry!

Serena and Lily:

OB-Serena and Lily Art

(1)Mid Century Fashion; (2)Summer Poem; (3)At The Mouth of the Russian River; (4)Source of Light; (5)”Sun” by Rob Delamater; (6)”Joy” by Vesela Baker; (7)Father Holding His Child(8)Rainbows V(9)Yellow Ochre Cloth;

Serena and Lily is not a site dedicated solely to art, they have so many other amazing products that I highly recommend, but unlike a lot of other full service home goods companies, they do art super well! They carry a lot of vintage inspired pieces, with a healthy amount of modern.


OB-Society6 Art

(1)Books Art; (2) Minimal line drawing of woman’s folded arms; (3)Corpsica 6; (4)Cat with ball; (5)The Office Poster; (6)Marfa; (7)Corgi Poster;

Society6 is the best. They are particularly known for their quirky graphics and as you can imagine, they have me hooked. If you are a bold and eclectic person, this is the place for art. A lot of their prints are also in pillow form!

Obviously these sources are geared toward the more affordable end of the spectrum. I have an array of favorite fine artists with large original works of art (*AhemDavidMichaelSlonim) and they will have their own post some day.

What are some of your favorite places to buy art? I am always looking for new sources!

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Build A Room Reveals!

Happy Friday everyone! Is it just me or did this week crawl by at a molasses slow rate?

Today we have two Build A Rooms to reveal! I’ve decided to reveal these here periodically rather than every week in order to have more to reveal in each post!

This method of connecting on Instagram is one of my favorites and I highly encourage you to enter in the polls that are on my stories every day!

First up is the kitchen. This one ran for a long time! I guess there are a lot more things to choose in a kitchen!

OB-Build A Room Kitchen

Cabinet, Black splash, Flooring, Flooring, Countertop, Hardware, Hardware, Hardware, Hardware, Faucet, Faucet, Pendant, Sconce, Pendant, Sconce, Art, Art, Runner, Runner, Stool, Stool

Ta Da! When you are talking about kitchen design, there are a lot fewer furnishings like pillows, rugs, and lamps, and a lot more decisions about materials like marble, brass, navy, and wood stains. Someone commented at the conclusion of this board that the darker, bolder items seem to always get picked! Because of that the alternate board came out VERY light:

OB-Alternate Kitchen Poll

I am really jiving with all the blond wood tones in this board…But honestly I can’t pick a favorite! Here is a little gif of the board coming together:

Animated GIF-downsized_large (1)


Next up the bedroom:

OB-Build A Room Bedroom9

ArtSide Table, Light, BedRug, Chair, Pillow, Pillow, Pillow

I really love all of the copper tones we see here (I’m a little bit obsessed with that chair from crate and barrel) Shoutout to Allison James for her amazing art here! The more I see of her stuff the move I love it! And she just put out a bunch of new ones…

I don’t have an alternate for this one because none of those copper tones went with the other option for the portrait of the red lady, and It came out all weird.

giphy (2)

For this one I wanted to work backwards and pick the art first so that we could build off of that! This is to illustrate how you can build a room off of any starting point, you don’t have to start with the big ticket items!

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Colors Today – Percussive Black

Colors Today is all about black! It is most definitely up there with one of my favorite colors of all time. It never goes out of style, it goes with everything, it is slimming, and simple, and perfect. It is all those things, but is it percussive? And what does that mean??

The idea of percussive black comes from a discussion Michael and I had about percussion and what it adds to music. He was saying that one of the many things that percussion does is bring structure to a piece of music. Because I am always trying to connect things I thought of black as doing a similar thing in design.

Percussive black is black used in a way that accents, finishes off, or outlines a design. This is applicable for all forms of art and I will give examples throughout this post of interiors (of course) as well as fashion, art, and architecture. Percussive black is NOT a specific shade of black, and it is NOT black that is used in large amounts. Percussive black is usually used in outlined, and highly contrasting bursts.


percussiveblack1   percussiveblack3

percussiveblack7   percussiveblackinspo

Source: 1|2|3|4|5

Percussive black in interiors is often in the form of lighting, sculptural chairs, or interesting paint. It looks great in any style but it especially stands out in a minimalist setting.


percissiveart  percussiveart1

floridaprintartfullywalls  percussiveblackart

Source: 1|2|3|4

Percussive black in art is high-contrast and usually makes me swoon.


percussiveblackfashion   percussiveblackfashion2

percussiveblackfashion3  percussiveblackshoes

Source: 1|2|3|4

Percussive black in fashion can be used in many different ways. A cross body bag, piping, earnings, or even in pattern.


percussiveblack  04f10585a6071d96dcec395f188747cf

percussiveblack4   percussiveblack5

Source: 1|2|3|4

I love seeing a building with windows that really pop!

OB-Percussive Black

Here is Percussive Black in a boho inspired, feminine living room. I love the quirky monkey pendant from Fenton and Fenton.

So here is the big question: Do you get it? See what I mean? I love the way this color is being used in design and it will absolutely stand the test of time! I could look at B&W all day.


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Epic Thrifting Day!

On Sunday I went thrifting at our local Emporium. This place is massive! Most booths are a treasure trove of really cool trinkets and very old furniture. Even though I didn’t even cover half of it I spent almost an hour and a half in there!

Some of you have seen my thrifting adventures posted on Insta or Facebook. Did you ever wonder, “Why did she take a picture of THAT?? Its junk!” Well today on the blog I am letting you into my thought process for thrifting! I couldn’t do every item, (if you saw my Insta Stories you’ll know why!) But these are some of my favorites

When you are thrifting you have to be able to look at something and take it out of context. So It might look trashy sitting with a bunch of action figures and old mugs but it might be world class when styled on a credenza in a chic Parisian flat. For this reason I am going to post these photos with a room that they might look good in, and I’m going to ask you to imagine what that vase, or painting might look like in that room. Ready? Go.

#1 Marble Eggs


These eggs were sitting on a shelf, interspersed with other nick nacks. The white marble one caught my eye first and then the yellow. As I talked about here, this mustard color and millennial pink look AH-mazing together! And when I found them in marble egg form?! I thought I won the lottery! I kind of regret not getting these but I don’t have the budget for them at the moment…*sigh. Try to picture them styled in a bowl on a coffee table or credenza in a room like this:



#2 Box


I really want to see this pattern in pillow form…I think it is so interesting that someone went through the trouble to make a peacock feather, blue and white box in a high quality material only to dedicated it solely to rotary attachments!?! This box felt beautiful and high quality, and it was in great condition. The juxtaposition of the beauty, and the mundane label tickled me! This box would be perfect to help fill out a bookcase:



#3 African Heads


These felt nice and solid. I love them because of the expressions on their faces. They are so chill about everything! Almost like the cover of a lifestyle magazine. They are also valuable in terms of styling because they are tall and of varying heights. When you’re styling you want to be able to give height and dimension to a vignette so that it doesn’t look too flat or boring. Not to mention the human face adds some really cool things to design which I talked about a little bit here. Each one was about $10 which is a great price but I couldn’t justify spending $40… These would look fabulous in a slightly Scandinavian room like this:



#4 Vintage Portrait


I really loved this portrait for two reasons. #1 the colors are phenomenal. I’m getting a little giddy just looking at them! The light pink, golden, and dusty navy-gray thing she has going on is stunning. #2 The style and attitude of the subject. This Victorian lady seems sensual, yet aloof. The word “flowing” comes to mind. She has a load of character. Admittedly, I don’t love the frame or matting so If I were to take her home I would crop and reframe. Easy enough with companies like FrameBridge. The only downside is a little bit of mula…This would be the perfect anchor piece to a gallery wall or on its own above a mid-century lounge chair!



#5 Busts.

ACS-0075 (1)

There were a lot of busts at the emporium. A lot. These guys stood out to me because of the cracked, crumbling, patina. They looked really old, regal, and solid. I could also picture that yellow lamp between them on a credenza although it being there was an accident. And again they are human figures (talked about here) I think I have an obsession with human figures in design….These dudes might go a little something like this:

thriftininspo3   thriftinginspo4


Source: 1|2|3

#6 Collection of Old, Blue Books



In case you couldn’t tell, I have this thing with collections. They take something ordinary, and make it seem really special. Ironically you start to see all the ways that this object is different and unique! Even though these are all blue books, they have differences in texture, shade, size, and age which makes each of them unique…and yet the same. There is a metaphor for life or the human condition somewhere in there…Anyway! I’m not totally sure if that makes any sense. Please let me know in the comments!
These are screaming to be styled on a table!



My belief about antique/vintage/thrifted things is that taking something old and giving it new life is a beautiful thing. We were all dusty junk sitting in a pile of naked barbies and rusting farm equipment until someone treasured US and gave US new life. I think you know where I am going with this…

Thrifting/antiquing/vintage is chock full of meaning.

Check my Instagram highlights under #thrifting for the rest of my finds!


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Tips for Choosing Gallery Wall Art

Gallery walls! They were a huge trend few years ago and now some people want to hate on them but the truth -as it usually is- is somewhere in the middle. Gallery walls are a great option if done with just a little bit of thought. They can provide a quirky energy to a room and of course showcase some really special pieces.

Gallery walls can be added virtually anywhere there is open wall space. I find them particularly interesting in kitchens where they are unexpected (because of the typical lack of open wall space).

Today I want to walk you through the entire thought process of hanging a gallery wall as well as talk about how to combine different kinds of art.

I’m sure you’ve seen on Pinterest how to map out a gallery wall with painters tape or cardboard cut outs and while this is helpful for the physical hanging of the art, I want to focus more on how to choose colors and how to combine types of art.

#1 A lot of the art I am showing you can be ordered and printed with varying sizes which makes putting together a gallery wall much easier. If you have original art that you want to incorporate into a gallery wall I would suggest collecting and arranging it (with those helpful Pinterest tricks) prior to arranging your smaller pieces of art so that you can get all the scaling just right.

#2: The styling of the wall (colors, subject matter, shape, etc) is going to depend most heavily on the style of the rest of the room, so take a look at the architecture of your home as well as the colors you want represented in the room. If you have a minimalist studio then maybe some contemporary, monochrome art would be appropriate. If you have a french cottage, find some vintage inspired pieces. It is important to determine beforehand the overall style you are going for so that your gallery wall doesn’t look out of place with the rest of the room.

Once you’ve determined the overall style of the wall, you need to first choose the focal piece or the “anchor”. This doesn’t need to be the biggest or the most colorful, it just means that the placement of the other pieces are determined by the placement of this piece. Here I am using this Randal Ford print from his Kingdom collection:

OB-Gallery Wall Post2

#3 I placed the anchor piece slightly off to the left in order to avoid the arrangement looking too perfect. If it was centered it would look like someone just made a star-burst of pictures rather than actually arranging them. One of the stylists goals is to keep things from looking too perfect.

#4 There are different types of wall art and you want to make sure you have a good mix so that you don’t veer toward looking flat and dimensional.

Different types wall art:

  • Photograph
  • Painting
  • Pencil Drawing
  • Mixed media
  • Watercolor
  • Mirror
  • Tapestry
  • 3D objects

Within these types (except for mirror or tapestry) are subcategories of the subject matter:

So for example, you could have an abstract painting, a watercolor portrait, an urban photograph, and a pencil drawing of a still life. The variety keeps things energetic.

OB-Gallery Wall Post3

The next piece added is a mixed media original abstract from my Father-in-law David Michael Slonim.

#5 Mixed media means that it incorporates multiple mediums. This one consists of cardboard, ink, acrylic, paper, charcoal, and a paint chip sample. As a result mixed media art tends to have a lot of texture and character.

This addition gives us some direction in terms of the colors of the gallery wall. Namely, warm grays and burgundy. From now on we will only have art on this wall that has either warm grays, burgundy, or an accent color.

OB-Gallery Wall Post4.jpg

The warm grays in this urban photograph compliment the rest of the colors and I like how the birds in this picture look like they are about the fly into the other pieces.

OB-Gallery Wall Post5.jpg

This next one is an abstract portrait painting from Chairish.

#6 Adding a human figure into design makes the design more relatable because the human brain is trained to recognize familiar shapes. We see something that reminds us of ourselves and that creates a personal and sometimes emotional connection. Stay tuned for a post and round up about using the human face in design!

OB-Gallery Wall Post6The next addition is a yellow and rust colored portrait paintingThe yellow compliments the rust color in the mixed media and it adds a little bit of edge to the composition.

I realized that the configuration of these needed to change for a few reasons. A) the bottom two pieces were both photographs and both landscape (which means they are horizontal) B) the top two pieces were abstract and portrait shaped. They needed to be separated. and C) the only piece that had any color was too much in the middle. It needed to be moved so that the colorful pieces in the gallery wall would be evenly distributed. So I noticed these things and changed the configuration accordingly. This is why you lay it out before hanging!

OB-Gallery Wall Post7

The next piece is a print of a mixed media by Krista McCurdy It has a rough urban feel to it and it hints at the colors in our gallery wall.

I am quickly running out of space on this wall!

OB-Gallery Wall Post8

The two additions to the wall are the light bulb print and the large abstract. The colors and bold lines of the abstract were too good to pass up, and the bulb is a very small but very anchored piece and I love the subtle yellow glow.

#7 When you have a gallery wall like this with a lot of variation in the texture, type of art, and size, you need a unifying factor that will help each piece relate to every other piece. In this one it is the framing of the pieces. Every piece either has a simple black frame or a white border. This helps the wall feel pulled together.

#8 Another iteration of the gallery wall is the themed wall. Themed walls can really make a statement and ground a room.



The subject matter in this collection of vintage seascapes is the same, however it still has energy because of the variation in size, and type/color of frame.

Another option is a wall of black and white photos…



Here the subject matter and sizing of the pieces change while the type (photograph) and framing (thin black frame) is the same.

This wall full of old portraits is eclectic in its mix of sizes and framing however it still feels unified because the subject matter stays the same.



A few other gallery walls that I love:



I love floor to ceiling gallery walls. They can sometimes give the appearance of wallpaper! Especially in smaller spaces like this one:



gallery wall brady


I simply couldn’t do a post about gallery walls without including my favorite gallery wall from Brady Tolbert for Emily Henderson. This is a black and white masterpiece.

The spacing of this wall is really cool. I love how everything is so tightly packed and eclectic. It has a nice mix of round and square framing as well.

What is your opinion of gallery walls? Are they overdone? Or classic? Let me know in the comments below as well as any questions you have!