Budget E-Design – Entry

Happy Friday! Today is the next installment of the Budget E-Design series. First we had the bedroom with a budget of $2,500, next a cute living room for only $3,000, and today at the lowest price point yet, is an area that is often neglected but can be high impact – The entry!

The entry is important because not only is it the first impression that someone gets of your home’s aesthetic, but it also needs to be highly functional, promoting neatness by storing coats, keys, umbrellas, bubbles, tequila, purses, a yodeling pickle (actual thing), and whatever else you might need in order to leave the house on a daily basis. (Please note: I actually carry bubbles around with me on a daily basis. No joke.)

Today’s entry has a budget of a mere $1,000 including:

  • Lighting
  • Rug
  • Credenza
  • Artwork
  • Mirror
  • Styling objects

Here is the floor plan for the area:

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 2.34.49 PM


Because this is a shared area, the vibe for this entry plays heavily off of the design from the living room:

OB-Restricted Design Plan #2

Airy and floral with scandi/midcentury accents and a colorful palette of pastels, this entry is functional and economical.

OB-E-design entry design plan2

The Credenza – This credenza serves as a platform for styling goodies and to ground the space. I have a nasty tendency to dump a bunch of junk on surfaces like this credenza, so in order to curb that habit I like to keep pretty object on the credenza, making me reluctant to muddy the waters with the detritus of a busy life.

The Rug – When considering a rug for an entry, you want to make sure that there is enough color variation in the weave so that dirt and other odds and ends don’t show too much. You will also want to look for something with low-pile (not shaggy) so that it wont get worn down as easily. Thankfully this rug from CB2 checks both boxes and is super cute to boot!

The Art – This print from minted is a neutral B&W but plenty floral and feminine so it fits well in this apartment without shouting GIRLY!

The Mirror/Hooks – I have something similar (can’t find) in my entry and I love having somewhere to do a last check. The usefulness of the hooks is hopefully obvious but I’ll say none the less that hooks by the door are SO HELPFUL. Such a little thing, such big impact.

The Tea Set – Totally decorative. You can’t be practical with everything in life, sometimes you need a useless tea set in your entry!

The Sconce – This sconce is great because it is long enough to engage the whole wall and it has two different light sources. As you can imagine, plenty of light in an entry is very important to the feeling of comfort when you first walk into a house, especially if you are feeling rushed or tired from a long day!

The Cork – One thing I love in entries (and, lets be honest the rest of the home as well) is BIG ART! (shocker) but if I was going to stay in budget, that couldn’t happen to the scale that I wanted. Enter – the cork board. Not only is it a welcome warm tone, but it is a great place to store little reminders, tickets, or pictures, and at a much lower price point than a piece of art. Plus, think of all the glorious push pin possibilities! Mwahahahaha!

The Plants – Anyone who knows me know what a huge fan of plants I am. Having vibrant plants in an entry can also help with that bright/open feeling that we love so much in entries.

Now comes the most important part of E-Design, the 3D version. This is an approximation of the actual design, created to ensure that the size of the items work in the actual space. If I were to skip the 3D sketch up, I would risk things not fitting or being the right scale in the actual room. In short – this step lowers the risk of expensive mistakes!

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 12.11.58 PM


edesign entry graphic.jpg

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

So when it comes to entries you always want to incorporate these three elements:

Storage: In the form of a credenza, hooks, baskets, and bowls. you should have at least a few of these things to allow a proper place for potential…DUN-DUN-DUN…clutter…

Lighting: Sconces, ceiling lights, or lamps, but it helps if it has a light switch connection for easy access (instead of fumbling with a lamp in the dark).

Decoration: Rugs, art, plants, and useless tea sets, all serve the warm feeling you want when you or your guests arrive!

If you need help with your entry, or any other part of your house, I offer  E-Design services! Tailored to your specific space, this process is SO easy, worry-free, and budget friendly.

What is E-Design?

Happy Monday! Today is very very exciting for The Fig Design as I launch the second half of this business. E-Design is something that really gets me excited, because It is a way of meeting people and creating art that can be done from anywhere in the world!

How it works_ (2)


So what exactly is e-design? The short version: E-Design is an all-online way to form a cohesive design plan for your home. In the past, the client’s role in the design of their home was fairly detached. I think of the stereotype in sitcoms of a flowing entrance by a self-important and overly “artistic” designer (usually wearing a scarf) who dramatically declares “everything must go!” and “I love it!” or “This disgusts me, take it away!” and the client’s naive impulse to do anything the designer says because “well…they’re the expert…” (Later in the episode the client realizes that they like their home just the way it is and they brusquely toss the haughty designer out, against some french-accented and highly pompous objections. The characters drink hot chocolate and feel warm and fuzzy. The end.)

Thankfully, In the last few years the format for “design” has largely shifted to become far more collaborative and hands on! Aided by blogs, HGTV, and internet videos, more and more people are gaining the confidence and desire to do it themselves. In an effort to aid and encourage this mindset, e-design helps give a solid direction and cohesive plan to a DIY approach.

One of the pitfalls of DIY design is that sometimes a lot of time and money can be wasted by not having a solid and cohesive design plan for your space. Thats where e-design comes in! It takes a lot of the expensive guesswork out of designing your home and is a streamlined way to represent YOUR style as accurately as possible for a lot less moolah then an in-person designer.

To find out more about the process for e-design, head over to the E-Design Services page! There you will find what is included in an e-design, guidelines for how to determine a budget, an e-design demo, pricing, and more!

Budget E-Design – Living Room

Happy Friday! Today we have another Budget E-Design, this time for the living room! This room is a continuation of this bedroom which was done with only $2,500. Since there are more furnishings in a living room I increased the budget for today’s post to $3,000. This living room is in the same small apartment as the bedroom, so the style and feel will continue to be cozy, bright, and feminine, to keep the home feeling cohesive.

OB-Restricted Design Plan #2

SofaRugPendant LightsCoffee TableChairCurtainsArtArtPillowPillowPillowPlanterTree

This living room’s style has a lot of Scandinavian influence, and soft, pastel colors. The big splurges here were the ceiling lights from CB2, and that fabulous rug from France and Son is such a great price!

One consistent element of my designs seems to be quirky art. It is the perfect way to bring in some character and color.

Texture Inspiration:

Design Challenge- Living Room- Texture Inspo


Here are some 3D images that I used to get the dimensions of everything right. Please note: this is only an approximation of the full design for the purpose of spacial design.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 4.12.32 PMScreen Shot 2018-05-27 at 4.10.36 PM

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 10.46.06 AM

Stay tuned for the rest of this little home in the next few weeks!
In other news: head over to my Instagram Stories to get in on the ground floor for a new Build a Room series!

My Office Design Plan

Happy Friday! Today I am showcasing the design for an office space I would absolutely love! But I also wanted to show a space that challenged me to fit into constraints so this little office is only 138 sq ft.

As always with 3D design the purpose is to test out spacial and practical needs, and THEN design with the 2D for the specific pieces. The style of the objects you see here do NOT represent the final style of the room, but they are an accurate representation of the size of the sofa, desk, paintings, etc. Here is the 3D floor plan:


In order to store all of the little styling nick knacks, paint decks, and fabric samples on the right is an Ikea storage cabinet. In front of that is my desk (more storage) and chair and a sitting area that I have always just really wanted even though I know its not completely practical…Here are some more snaps of the interior layout:


When you’re designing an office space it is important to consider what it will be used for. If you are a photographer you will need lots of room for equipment and natural light if possible. If you are a lawyer you will need A LOT of room for files. If you are a consultant you will need a comfortable meeting area for long talks. The purpose of the room is one of the #1 things that dictate the design of the room.

This office space is being designed for an interior design blogger. Which means it will need plenty of storage for nick knacks and room to shoot vignettes (check). But because of the size of the office I needed to get creative with the use of space for shoots. The large scale painting on the wall can be lifted and removed to make a blank space, and the sofa can be pulled away from the window wall for shoots that involve the window.

Now for the reveal of the specific 2D items:

Office Design PlanDesk, Art, Art, Chair, Cabinet, Sofa, Rug, Plant, Pendant, Scissors, Cup, Tray, Lamp, Painting

I wanted this office to have a really good mix of masculine, and feminine elements as well as modern and victorian. My favorite part of this room is the massive painting from David Michael Slonim (father-in-law!). The sofa/rug is killing me! I love that blush and cayenne combo. The portraits are from Artfully Walls which has some really amazing pieces and is so customizable with framing and everything. And I’ve always wanted bird scissors…


officeinspo4  officeinspo3officeinspo2  officeinspo1

Source 1|2|3|4

Modern Minimalist Bachelor Pad

Welcome to another full design plan! Today our client is very special because this is an interpretation of my husband Michael’s tastes in his hypothetical, never-gonna-happen bachelor pad!

I was searching around for people with good style to do practice design plans with and I realized I have someone with crazy cool style right under my nose! Or rather, slightly above my nose. Anyway! This is my dream client (and man). I know what he wants probably better than he does, and he lives with me so scheduling meetings is a breeze!

He agreed to do two rooms with me and our first consultation got him thinking about his own tastes in design probably more than he ever has.

  • He found out he will always go for cool and minimal rather than bright and busy.
  • He prefers high-end materials and quality products.
  • He wanted tropical looking plants
  • He also hates art or figurines with human faces. It creeps him out.

He asked me to make him a minimal oasis with industrial elements and high-end materials. I was thrilled. I love this style! And although I don’t think it would be practical for our family or fulfilling for me as a designer (I’m a semi-maximalist and yes I’m aware of the irony in that sentence), this is a great style to incorporate into any home! Here are some of the inspiration photos:



A few things I knew right away the room needed:

  • Wide plank, white oak flooring (for warmth in the minimalist pad)
  • Some quirky art
  • Big windows (because Michael loves natural light)
  • Cozy bedding (because he also likes to burrow)
  • Manly industrial vibe (industrial is the complimenting style to this type of minimalism)
  • Lots of Black accents
  • And of course white walls

The floor plan was broken down like this:

Michael Floor Plan breakdown

This room is pretty big so there is a sitting area in the bottom right corner and a desk in the bottom left. Michael likes to do his work almost as soon as he wakes up and most of it in the comfort of his bedroom. This is where he would send emails, listen to tracks, and write incredible, chart-topping songs.

The double doors on the left follow into his bathroom, single door on the left is a walk-in closet (something he always wanted) and the double doors on the right (as long as we are dreaming) lead to a balcony! At the foot of his bed is the sofa and another small zone for cozy chats and drinks.

The 3D version doesn’t represent the final style of the materials but it definitely helps to get a feel for the space:


The first version:

OB-Michael Bedroom #1.jpg

OB-Michael's Bedroom #2.jpg

This version is more colorful and tropical. The reading nook has two chairs and there are hits of vibrant blue and yellow accents. The linen curtains add a finished, cozy feel.

OB-Michael's Bedroom #3

OB-Michael's Bedroom #4

This version of his bedroom has the volume turned down on those colors and everything rests a little easier. The greenish blue sofa from interior define is a perfect example of a color acting as a neutral. It blends in with the foliage and doesn’t jar you. One of my favorite features of this bedroom is the 4 poster bed. Because the space I was working with was so big (high ceilings, very open) the bed needed to fit the scale and this one from OKL fit the bill perfectly but is no longer available. Here is one I found that is similar: 4 poster bed. Instead of curtains in this room there are privacy shades (not shown). Even though the curtains feel cozy, the lack of curtains amp up the minimal vibe significantly.

Michael’s favorite feature is the black leather chair. During my initial conversation with Michael he said “And I’m over leather, no leather.” I frowned a little and I said “Do you mean…brown leather? Because I think you like black leather.” to which he replied “Oh, yeah. I like black leather. Just no brown leather.” Got it. Sometimes you need to clarify things with clients to give them what they want. Can you imagine if I had stuck with no leather and risked omitting his favorite part of the room??

You’ve probably guessed that he chose the second option. Here is the final version and shopping list after a few minor revisions:

Michael Design Plan get the look (1)


1(similar)2345, 67, 8, 910, 11(similar), 12 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19