Colors Today – Sage Green

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day weekend. Life has definitely gotten crazy for me over the past month or so and I have felt out of touch with the design world as of late. But now I am diving back in and I am seeing A LOT of sage green!

In spite of the huge surge of warm, earthy colors exploding all over the internet, (see: Vermillion, Mustard and Millennial, Terracotta, and Wine) this color has remained highly popular. It used to be called mint and was usually paired with peachy salmon colors, sea shells, and some hydrangeas, but these days it has grown dusty and much more grown up…

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Unlike a lot of color crazes these days, sage green is being seen mostly on walls and other large surfaces! It is breaking up the barrage of white walled pictures on the internet (nothing against white walls of course!) But to see this color being used so boldly is refreshing. This is due in part to sage green being such a soft and delicate color. It wont overpower the other colors, or darken the room. It is also style ambiguous! It is not only paired with scandi design, but also with french provincial, and traditional styles.

sage green styles

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Sage green loves to be paired with warm wood tones (opposite to it on the color wheel) as seen above. It also does very well being paired with a dark forrest green:


Which fits with the trend of mixing colors in the same hue but with different tones as a way of creating contrast.

Here are some of my favorite ways that I see sage green being used in design these days:

In Interiors:

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In Fashion:

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In Vingette:

OB-Sage Green alt
Sofa / Chair / Rug / Coffee Table / Art / Art / Planter / Sconce / Candle / Pillow / Books

Want to incorporate sage green in to your home? As always I suggest starting small, to make sure you like it before you commit to a whole wall, sofa, or other piece of large furniture. Check out some of this stuff:

Sage Green

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Wicked Inspired Nooks and Stories

Happy Tuesday everyone! Tonight Michael and I are going to see Wicked!! I am so excited. Michael got me the tickets as a Christmas present which I discovered early (scroll down for that story)

I saw Wicked in High School when our neighbor’s brother’s girlfriend got a cold and had to give up her ticket last minute. I didn’t actually know our neighbors very well but I essentially went with them and their whole family as a total stranger. I and my neighbor’s goth brother sat in the nosebleeds where he spent most of the play on his phone making a bored face, meanwhile I am literally bouncing out of my seat with awe and excitement. I spent the next 6 weeks incessantly singing the sound track.

I expect to have a similar experience. Sorry, Michael.

So naturally, we have two vignettes to represent our main characters. Meet Glinda:

OB-Wicked Inspired Vignette Glinda

Chair, Curtains, Candle, Side table, Pillow, Art, Rug

Obviously this one is very feminine, vibrant, and playful, with a pink-yellow color palette. I am blown away by that chair from Blu Dot! (get it? Blown away!). I knew this vignette would have pink in it but I didn’t want it to hit you in the face.

Next up: Elphaba

OB-Wicked Inspired Vignette Emerald

ChairPillow, Art, Rug, Plant, Sconce

I am so excited about that monkey sconce! The print from Artfully walls is also eerily perfect for an Elphaba inspired vignette. This one has a much more traditional-industrial vibe with a black and emerald color scheme.

Notice that both vignettes feature that awesome rug from CB2. This is to prove an itty bitty point, that the same item can look drastically different from one room to the next. I also thought it was sort of a sappy ode to the friendship of Glinda and Elphaba.

Okay, now for promised story: I heard on the radio that Wicked was coming to Indy and of course I suggested to Michael that we go. “hmmm, I don’t know, its a bit expensive right now…” I had pretty much expected this, as things were tight with Christmas coming up so I said to myself that someday I would see it, and I didn’t think about it again.

A few weeks later we were going to watch a show before bed and Michael started pulling up Netflix on his laptop. I was only half paying attention to the screen and even though he hurriedly exited the screen, the words “Wicked:” and  “tickets” and “print” settled somewhere in my mind.

Me: “Honey, were those tickets for Wicked?”

Him: “Hmm? Oh yeah, I was just doing a little research but its too expensive..”

Michael isn’t very good at lying. The tone of his voice and the little “Hmm?” beforehand always gives him away! Its pretty cute. I started squealing with delight and laughing uncontrollably. Michael got a half disappointed-half happy look on his face and sheepishly brought out the tickets 2 weeks before he wanted to give them to me.

So now, after what feels like an eternity, we are finally seeing Wicked! This will be Michael’s first broadway play (he knows nothing about the plot other than its about The Wizard of Oz)

Follow along on my Instagram stories tonight for the before and after (not during the play, obviously!)

St. Patrick’s Day Decor!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

I come from a very Irish family on my mother’s side. When I finally left home I was shocked to learn that St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t as big a deal as Christmas for most of America! Growing up the occasion was marked with special food (green pancakes), gifts from Grandma (shamrock halos) and if you didn’t wear green it was a cardinal sin, punishable by pinching. The morning of, we would yell “Top of the mornin’ to ya!” to which everyone else would customarily reply: “And the rest of the day to you to!”

Side note: you aren’t supposed to wear red on St. Patrick’s Day because that was the color of the oppressive English! (who I am incidentally also related to…) So NO RED!

Green is one of my favorite colors to use in design because it almost acts as a neutral in that it gets along with every color! It is at the same time rustic, and a pop of color.

OB-St. Patrick's Day.jpgVase, Sofa, Purse, Pillow, Pendant, Fern Art, Wallpaper, Throw Blanket, Art, Glasses, Books, Pillow

Some of my favorites:

Sofa – This sofa from Joybird is a ultra classy mid-century style piece. The tufting on the back is becoming very popular!

Print – This print from Jenny’s Print Shop (Jenny being one of my favorite designers) is just one of an incredible collection. They are so affordable and customizable!

Books – These books are vintage from Chairish. I love it that you can get antique books already collected into a color. These would be a wonderful accent.

Throw Blanket – This throw blanket from Ikea is the most beautiful shade of forrest green! It looks soft and you cannot beat that price!

Glasses – This olive shade of green is a wonderful accent in any room.

Pendant – I’ll admit there isn’t a lot of green lighting options that I would be super jazzed about but Schoolhouse Electric do some colored lights that are perfectly understated and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Wallpaper – This wallpaper from One King’s Lane is so versatile! Bathrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and kid’s rooms.

Inspiration fit for a leprechaun:

greeninspo2   greeninspo1greeninspo   greeninspo4greeninspo3    greeninspo5

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This year I am going to have a green smoothie for breakfast, wear my favorite green skirt, and probably have some kind of a salad….What are some of your St. Patrick’s Day traditions?