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Colors Today – Wine

You guys! I am writing this to you from a Starbucks in Anaheim, CA! Took a break from conference stuff today, or rather my feet took a break! Man they were killing me yesterday. Tonight we are going to see Andy Grammar and possibly dinner with friends!

Being here feels so inspiring! The air we are breathing is sweet and you can’t look anywhere without seeing a palm tree-not an exaggeration. Check out my Insta stories if you want to hear my every random thought while on this trip (that might be an exaggeration)

Speaking of inspiring, today is about wine COLOR. Not 21 yet folks. This color used to be called burgundy but somehow that feels really old school these days. Modernizing anything is about taking that thing into a new context. While we used to put this color all over walls and curtains, designers and brands are expanding its use to feel glamorous and down-to-earth at the same time. Think Scandi-Parisian

wineinspo asoswineinspo.jpgwineinso.jpg

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I believe there are a few reasons why this color has risen to popularity. #1 Since millennial pink has pretty much taken over the internet there is a natural need to find a complimentary color. This wine color is the tonal counterpart to pink, meaning it isn’t the opposite but it is the contrasting color of the same family. #2 Wine/burgundy is a jewel tone which means that it lends itself really well to velvet, given the reflective quality that velvet can have, and velvet is an extremely popular texture in design right now.. This one isn’t as strong of a reason but is more of an added bonus.



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Source: 1|2|3|4|5

Update: I had to leave that Starbucks because they had no outlets and my computer was dying, so I went to another Starbucks and their wifi was out! So I have finally settled at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf which has both outlets, wifi, and good coffee, thank goodness! Bonus: it is right by the convention! My, my, that was stressful!



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Stay Tuned for LA!

This coming week Michael and I are taking our first trip to LA together! Woooo! I am so completely excited for this. LA is somewhere we want to consider living someday, so we figured we should probably check it out before we make that decision! 


For his part Michael will be hanging out at the NAMM conference in Anaheim while I hopefully do some snooping on the LA design scene. Goals for the trip include:

For his part, Michael will be hanging out at the NAMM conference in Anaheim, while I hopefully do some snooping on the LA design scene. Goals for the trip include:

  • Cool coffee shops.
  • Cool food trucks.
  • Cool design shops.
  • Potentially getting to talk to some cool designers who have made it! (fingers crossed)
  • Cool Restaurants.
  • Maybe some cool avocado toast?
  • Go to the cool beach.
  • Probably sit in traffic for 2.5 million years (cooly).
  • aaaaaaand cool.

Thats it! Also this will be my first time staying at an AirB&B (I know, I know, “what kind of millennial are you?!” Well, give me a break, I live in Anderson, IN.) And now for a little LA inspo!

LA inspo

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Hopefully next week your Instagram feeds will be sufficiently blown up and I will get away from this wretched, sub-zero-wind-chill weather for half a second.