Colors Today – Percussive Black

Colors Today is all about black! It is most definitely up there with one of my favorite colors of all time. It never goes out of style, it goes with everything, it is slimming, and simple, and perfect. It is all those things, but is it percussive? And what does that mean??

The idea of percussive black comes from a discussion Michael and I had about percussion and what it adds to music. He was saying that one of the many things that percussion does is bring structure to a piece of music. Because I am always trying to connect things I thought of black as doing a similar thing in design.

Percussive black is black used in a way that accents, finishes off, or outlines a design. This is applicable for all forms of art and I will give examples throughout this post of interiors (of course) as well as fashion, art, and architecture. Percussive black is NOT a specific shade of black, and it is NOT black that is used in large amounts. Percussive black is usually used in outlined, and highly contrasting bursts.


percussiveblack1   percussiveblack3

percussiveblack7   percussiveblackinspo

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Percussive black in interiors is often in the form of lighting, sculptural chairs, or interesting paint. It looks great in any style but it especially stands out in a minimalist setting.


percissiveart  percussiveart1

floridaprintartfullywalls  percussiveblackart

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Percussive black in art is high-contrast and usually makes me swoon.


percussiveblackfashion   percussiveblackfashion2

percussiveblackfashion3  percussiveblackshoes

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Percussive black in fashion can be used in many different ways. A cross body bag, piping, earnings, or even in pattern.


percussiveblack  04f10585a6071d96dcec395f188747cf

percussiveblack4   percussiveblack5

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I love seeing a building with windows that really pop!

OB-Percussive Black

Here is Percussive Black in a boho inspired, feminine living room. I love the quirky monkey pendant from Fenton and Fenton.

So here is the big question: Do you get it? See what I mean? I love the way this color is being used in design and it will absolutely stand the test of time! I could look at B&W all day.