Rust and Blush Living Room

Happy Tuesday! Over the weekend we visited cousins and their babies in Cleveland. (If you caught my insta-stories you know what I’m talking about) Cleveland has so much amazing architecture, culture, and things to do. We had a great time!

Today’s board features a rust and blush color harmony. This is a classic pair that I talked about a little bit here. When paired with white walls, black accents, and a minimalist style these colors really shine and feel very warm and cozy! The style of this room is modern and contemporary.

I like to design with a particular person in mind, and here I give a short description of who I think that person is and what their lifestyle is like. This makes designing more fun and meaningful, since design is about describing someone visually in order to help you get to know them. In these posts I reverse the process!

Sadie and Mark live in a Seattle apartment. They’ve softened the busy city with cozy colors and an open living space. Mark works at an architecture firm and Sadie was just hired as the social media director for a start-up. They have had their dopey chocolate lab, Duke for almost 6 years and he has spent every day barking at anything outside that moves. They are both crazy about card games, which are anything but subdued! Game nights at their place are legendary. Mark has always wanted to learn to cook and Sadie has always hated cooking so together they are learning how. In their free time they rewatch The Office, visit Sadie’s grandmother, and walk in the park, rain or no rain.


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My favorite part of this room is the large rust-colored chair from Crate and Barrel. It looks like you could just sink into it forever… Second favorite would have the be that vintage planter from Chairish! Its floral, and slightly out of place with the modern style of everything but its a great little accent. Third favorite is that check rug from Loloi Rugs! Its got the perfect amount of color, texture, and pattern. I will definitely be using it again.

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Colors Today – Terracotta

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For the last few weeks I have been gathering inspiration for the Colors Today series and one color in particular keeps popping up in my feed and in my life -Terracotta. This is the most accurate word I can come up with to describe this color. Others might include: burnt orange, brick, rust, brownish red, or clay. Hence the reason it took me a few weeks to develop this post. It is a very difficult color to nail down!

terraartinspo   terrainspo3terrainspo5.jpg

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As of now it is not the most popular color there is (which means it is still cool!) That title is still held by Millennial Pink, and is approached by Wine. Nevertheless, Terracotta is everywhere! The reason being that is goes obnoxiously well with the ‘it’ color of the day.ikeavase.jpg

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Here is is in Ikea’s line of vases with millennial pink!

Terracotta is an earth tone so therefore it is being used in design as if it were a neutral. I’m really into this new trend of warm colors!


terrainspo12  terrainspo15terrainspo14terrainspo16

terrainspo20  terrainspo19

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Terracotta_pillow_with_flowers_long  artterrainspo23

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Terracotta plays well with lots of colors. I especially love the way it looks with blue! It is being paired with Scandinavian and Parisian-minimalist styles, which keeps it from becoming to visually heavy on walls.

What are some of your color obsessions? Anything that will shock??