Best Art Sources

Happy Friday! Today’s post is about the best art sources out there! If you know anything about me, you know art is one of my favorite things to source for interiors. Right above chairs and right below lighting (in more ways then one! Ha!)

Art is so important for any room, as important as seating and lighting! Without it the room can often feel flat and boring, with almost no personality. Today I want to show you some of the common places I source from for art that aren’t generic or too cutesy.

My #1 rule when I look for art is quirk. I love to see art contrast the room that it is in. If Its a small room, do big art, if its a colorful room, do some monochrome art. If its a really serious dramatic room put up a photograph of a black and white dog making a silly face. Art loves contradiction.

The second thing I look for is customizability. I want to get that piece in any size conceivable and if they have a framing option, even better.

Most of these sources check both boxes:


OB-Chairish Art

(1)Bergundy Beret; (2)Blue Garrulus Caronatus; (3)Abstract Expressionist; (4)Harriet Stanton Intaglio; (5)Sometimes; (6)Painting Study Tomatoes; (7)Unspoken; (8)Vintage Marc Chagall Lithograph

Chairish is one of my favorite places to go for art because most of the pieces are one-of-a-kind and have a strong character. The Chairish print shop has recently opened which I am so excited about! Now you can customize your print to many different shapes. This is a great place to go for quirky art.


OB-Minted Art

(1) Patience; (2) Late Harvest; (3) Angkor Hallway; (4) Abstract Botanical; (5) Golden Illumination; (6) Southern Cotton; (7) City Squares 2(8) Real Reflections(9) I Remember; (10) Folded Lines;

Minted is probably the art site that you’ve heard about. There are thousands of contributors and everything is customizable. I haven’t found one piece of art on here that I dislike. I have found that a small piece of framed art makes an awesome gift.

Artfully Walls:

OB-Artfully Walls Art

(1) Yellow Bowl; (2) Black Glitter Etching; (3) Soren(4) Street Art-4(5) Lovers In Florence; (6) Time Stands Still; (7) Wintertime VIII; (8) Vintage Portrait; (9) Perfumes in Tokyo; (10) Wrestling; (11) Blue Paeonia #6;

Artfully walls is the higher-end version of Minted. Their frames are all very customizable, and their selection is fantastic. You can search by style, category, color, price, you name it!

Little Paper Planes Shop:

OB-Little Paper Planes Art

(1)Black and White Flower Study; (2)Somebody’s idea of a good time; (3)Salt Rock 1; (4)Landmarks; (5)Stack V; (6)A Law That Is Implied Without Being Said;

The coolest photographs can be found here. Little Paper Planes Shop walks the line between serious and quirky and they really take their art seriously. In addition to art they have super cute jewelry!

Serena and Lily:

OB-Serena and Lily Art

(1)Mid Century Fashion; (2)Summer Poem; (3)At The Mouth of the Russian River; (4)Source of Light; (5)”Sun” by Rob Delamater; (6)”Joy” by Vesela Baker; (7)Father Holding His Child(8)Rainbows V(9)Yellow Ochre Cloth;

Serena and Lily is not a site dedicated solely to art, they have so many other amazing products that I highly recommend, but unlike a lot of other full service home goods companies, they do art super well! They carry a lot of vintage inspired pieces, with a healthy amount of modern.


OB-Society6 Art

(1)Books Art; (2) Minimal line drawing of woman’s folded arms; (3)Corpsica 6; (4)Cat with ball; (5)The Office Poster; (6)Marfa; (7)Corgi Poster;

Society6 is the best. They are particularly known for their quirky graphics and as you can imagine, they have me hooked. If you are a bold and eclectic person, this is the place for art. A lot of their prints are also in pillow form!

Obviously these sources are geared toward the more affordable end of the spectrum. I have an array of favorite fine artists with large original works of art (*AhemDavidMichaelSlonim) and they will have their own post some day.

What are some of your favorite places to buy art? I am always looking for new sources!

8 Go-To’s for Online Shopping

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth like that! The flu had me down for a full week (Literally – I could barely lift my head!) It has settled into a lovely hacking-cough. Fellow survivors of this hell tell me it doesn’t go away for a loooong time. *sigh. But enough complaining! (I have felt like such a complainer lately!) Time for shopping!

When I am putzing around on the internet I tend to gravitate towards a few reliable sources. These aren’t the cheapest options (that is another post for another day!) but they have reliable collections and great aesthetics! Today I have pulled together (in no particular order) some of my favorites and why.

World Market:

One of the things I love most about World Market is their range! They have almost everything decor related that you could think of, and all in a very reasonable price range. As the name might suggest they have a lot in the Global and Boho styles which are great for layering into pretty much every other style!

OB-World Market Living Room.jpg

Sofa Rug Ottoman Plant Art Bookshelf Basket Chair Vases Wardrobe


CB2 is definitely one of my favorites overall. Their aesthetic is clean, modern, and high end with a hint of drama. While some of their prices for things like dining chairs are on the more expensive end of the spectrum, most of it is very reasonably priced. Almost everything I design has something from them. When I think about CB2 the first thing I think is: not boring.

OB-CB2 Dining room.jpg

Dining Table Curtain Chair Art Plant Dishes Napkin Silverware


Article is most known for their incredible sofas but the rest of their products are stellar too! They are experts in MCM and sell high end furniture. The prices are in the mid to high range. (the art is from OKL, Article doesn’t have any wall art)

OB-Article Bedroom.jpg

Bed Bench Rug Sconce Floor Lamp Pouf Planter Side Table Pillow


Rejuvenation has a really reliable collection of traditional and high end products and it is my favorite place to go for mirrors, hardware, lighting, and art. Their art game is phenomenal if you are looking for something traditional but still on trend. The price tags are on the higher end and for good reason! Rejuvenation’s products have an incredible range. They can be focal pieces or supporting characters.

OB-Rejuvenation Kitchen .jpg

Faucet Sink Rug Pendant Towel Bowl Art Art Plant


For a while I felt kind of foolish for not knowing that H&M had a home goods section. I was always a fan of their clothes (still am!) but I was utterly blown away by their collection and especially by the price! They haven’t moved into any big furniture but their textiles and accessories are killer! They have a soft, Scandinavian quality with lots of pops of black and fun, modern, patterns. I cannot stress this enough: the price is unbeatable. Luckily they are always adding to their collection, so there is always something new!

OB-H&M inspo

Basket, Mirror, Bathrobe, Towel, Curtain, Pillow, Pillow, Pillow, Pillow, Pillow, Vase, Vase, Vase, Candle, FrameCandlesticks, Salt and Pepper Dish, Egg Stand, Bowl, Glass, Salad Server, Plate, Teacup


Chairish is really special because it is an online resource for one-of-a-kind vintage finds! This solves the problem of online design – heart. Because most designers will tell you that having something vintage in a room gives a sense of history and soul. As with most vintage, the price range is extremely varied. Some things are dirt cheap and others are astronomical. This is a great place to go for something eclectic or zany!

OB-Charish Inspo

Sofa, Art, Bar Cart, Chair, Art, Rug, Coffee Table, Vintage Helicopter (plants ar

Blu Dot:

Blu Dot is a contemporary home decor company that provides truly stunning original designs. They have a modern, airy aesthetic, and a high price range. Their products are stellar and they are the perfect place to go for a sleek statement.

OB-BluDot Inspo

Art, RugLamp, Side Table, Sofa, Pillow, ChairCandlesticks


Ikea had to be included on this list. We all know Ikea! It is very familiar, reliable, and incredibly affordable. What I love about their style is that they don’t carry any items that are loud focal points. Their pieces are all supporting characters that can take center stage, but mostly help along other pieces. That doesn’t mean they are boring! The “filler” pieces are really beautiful and delicate as is characteristic of scandi design.

OB-IKEA inspo.jpg

Bed, Side Table, Table Lamp, Dresser, Pendant, Art, Plant, Rug, Chair, Rug, Vases, Lantern, Candle, Blanket

Obviously I shop at a lot more places than just this, but these are some of my go-to places where I know I will find what I need. I am always looking to expand my list of sources so please comment with your favorite online shop!