Zen Hotel Lobby

HAPPY FRIDAY! I am feeling, as I’m sure you all are too, that we deserve a nice easy Friday after putting up with winter 2.0 (rolls eyes)

Its like you’re waiting for a package that said it would come in 2 weeks, and its been 3 and every day you think “Surely today it will come!” and then it doesn’t…You know that feeling? Thats what this year feels like.

So to try and dissuade the feelings of hopelessness and despair, I have for you today the taste of a zen, beachy, cool, scandi, sunny, California, hotel lobby (too many adjectives? Please advise.)

Tuesday we talked about Terrazzo which inspired me to create a room with a terrazzo floor. A hotel lobby felt like a naturally breezy environment for this material. I can just hear the waterfall…

OB-Terrazo Board

My favorite part about this room is the chunky, low chair from Interior Define. I am not typically drawn to this type of chair/sofa except in really minimal, tropical settings which made it the natural fit for this room. The dark coco color grounds the space and brings out the brown tones from the terrazzo floor.

I picture those massive floor pillow from The Citizenry scattered around this sitting area casually and probably some kind of tea bar off to the left.

Since a room like this HAS TO smell amazing and HAS TO have cool pottery, I added this candle from H&M Home to bring us both of those things.

The Rattan Mirror was a must, especially because of the lack of a wood tone, and the Lumens sconce its a hit of modern to balance out the zen.


zenhotelinspo   Sean-Fennessy-planchonella-house093-713x998

zenhotelinspo2   zeninspo3

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Zen design is about intense simplicity to the point where it becomes beautiful, while also achieving balance, and at the same time getting as close to nature as possible. This is achieved by pairing organic materials and textures such as wood, stone, water and, plants, with simple and streamlined architecture. This creates a tension between the natural, and the manmade, but inside of that tension is peace.

Chair, Sconce, Coffee Table, Pillows, Candle, Mirror, Plant

The Terrazzo Invasion

Happy Tuesday ya’ll! I am coming at you with another trend alert today. Terrazzo – its not just for government buildings and banks anymore. It is EVERYWHERE are I am loving it!


Terrazzo refers to an ancient method of floor making that involves crushed bits of marble, quartz, granite, glass or other leftovers suspended in either concrete or epoxy resin and polished. The result is a speckled and textured finish.

For a long time this type of flooring (I didn’t know what it was called when I was a child) reminded me of boring, heartless, and cold government buildings. But If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that trends will always come back in one form or another, and always with a new twist. Remember caning? Twisted into new shapes, paired with different colors, and tied to modern trends in design…

This is the old version of terrazzo that I remember as a child:

terazzo inspoterrazoinspo

These are things that do not excite.

These are things that do excite:


terrazzoinspo10   terrazoinspo9terrazzoinspo4

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Terrazzo is not just for floors anymore. It is being used as countertops, as well as furniture, and even lighting!

The grain of terrazzo has the potential to be really large scale and bold (like in the first few photos) or smaller scale and speckled. However, both scales are rather busy and detailed, and whenever you have something that creates a busy energy in a room you have to pair it with the opposite: minimal, calm, modern, Scandinavian.  You’ll notice none of the photos I’ve shared have a ‘traditional’ vibe. They are all in styles that are more streamlined: modern, Scandinavian, mid-century, and art deco.

Terrazzo has been updated, not just in shape and style but also in color. Most terrazzo used to be a monochromatic beige, but the new iteration of terrazzo is introducing pastels, jewel tones, and moody colors:

terrazzoinspo8   terrazzoinspo16   terrazzo17   terrazzo16   Terrazzo15  terrazoinspo14

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I absolutely love this pattern because of the way it combines the natural texture of stone, and the polished concrete, not to mention the bright, minimal designs it is being paired with! I am so excited to see where this trend is going…

terrazzoinspo3   terrazzoinspo2

terrazzo12  terrazo13

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