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Totally Grown-up Bedroom

I like to design with a particular person in mind, and here I give a short description of who I think that person is and what their lifestyle is like. This makes designing more fun and meaningful, since design is about describing someone visually in order to help you get to know them. In these posts I reverse the process. This person is not real as far as I know.

The lady who lives in this Arizona bedroom has got. it. together. Her name is Lisa and her style is very traditional and luxurious. When she was renovating her 1950’s ranch the one thing she demanded was lots of huge windows. She wants to feel as open and bright as possible in every area of her life. Lisa likes to take ballroom dancing lessons on the weekends, and she is always experimenting with new recipes. She has fair, freckled skin and straight dark hair. Her favorite part of every day is listening to the birds chirping in her garden, which is just outside her bedroom doors.

This bedroom feels a little intimidating to me because it comes off so grown-up! The style of this room is modern, contemporary, and what I can only describe as “desert-y.” It has its roots in boho, but it is most commonly seen in ranches. And now for the inspo:

The first thing I chose was the bed from Lulu and Georgia, because of the smoke color and the shape. I knew I wanted this bedroom to feel really put together and buttoned up. Next I found the chandelier at Lawson Fenning (high end!), and I love the way it works with the bed and the big windows. Black is really working hard in this room and I love it. Because the bed was a neutral color, I wanted the rug to be something brighter. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a yellow rug, but as I was scrolling through this one jumped out at me.

Large black windows keep cropping up in the designs I’ve been doing, and I wanted this room to be super open and bright, so I decided to put these full-wall industrial windows in the bedroom. I imagine that these doors lead out to something like this:


I love the idea of having a courtyard in the middle of a home to tie all the rooms of the house together. It would make moving between rooms soooo easy. I pictured the courtyard at dusk in the summertime, just as everything is getting cooler and the crickets are coming out.

Next, I looked for a large scale wallpaper to match the rug ( because wallpaper = grown-up). It’s pretty unusual for me to look for something that “matches.” My instinct is to find something that contrasts with the rug. But I loved the way the gold color was working with the bed and grayish floors; I just couldn’t resist! Matching things also tends to give that grown-up (read: traditional) look I was going for.

Which leads me to the side tables. You can’t see it on the board but it has this perfect detail:

OB-Olive Tree

These side tables aren’t very practical for storage but they have a great scale and visual weight.

Normally I would stick a table lamp on those suckers, but I wanted to leave the surface mostly clear and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to put a sconce on wallpaper! which makes a sconce look 1000x cooler!! (I might be too enthusiastic about sconces for a normal person…)

While looking for a plant to put in the corner (large scale, of course), I noticed this cactus from World Market. And THAT is when I decided to bring in the “desert-y” slant. Before that point I didn’t know what the room would be, but once that decision was made everything else fell into place. It is sitting in a very nice planter from West Elm, by the way.

The leather chair added another texture and added to the “desert-y” feel. The Target pillows (Target knows how to do pillows, ya’ll) added to the feel a little more. FINALLY I wanted the art to have a modern/quirky feel, and this odd B&W print from OKL contrasted well with all of the grown up stuff.

Maybe one day I’ll be grown up enough to have wallpaper in MY bedroom…Nah.

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